How many copies did BlazBlue: Centralfiction sell?

How many copies did BlazBlue: Centralfiction sell?

In Japan, BlazBlue: Central Fiction sold 26,506 copies on PS4 and 9,674 copies on PS3. Aggregate reviewer Metacritic gave BlazBlue: Central Fiction an 84 out of 100 citing generally positive reviews from websites….Reception.

Publication Score
Destructoid 8.5/10
Eurogamer 9/10
Famitsu 34/40
Nintendo Life

Is BlazBlue finished?

BlazBlue is a fighting video game series developed and published in Japan by Arc System Works, and later localized in North America by Aksys Games and in Europe by Zen United….

First release BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger November 19, 2008
Latest release BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War February 16, 2021

Did Bbtag sell well?

The game had sold over 450,000 copies worldwide in June 2020.

How many people are playing BlazBlue central fiction?

BlazBlue Centralfiction

Month Avg. Players Peak Players
November 2021 153.7 284
October 2021 135.4 295
September 2021 158.0 354
August 2021 177.4 403

Is BlazBlue a good fighting game?

With Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, Arc System Works cemented itself as one of the fighting genre’s greatest studios. What are the company’s best games? Arc System Works seems to be able to turn any franchise into a solid anime fighting game with unique character designs, memorable music, and stunning visuals.

Is BlazBlue popular?

By looking at Steam Charts’ player tracking data from the past few days, BlazBlue has seen the highest numbers ever for not only Centralfiction but the entire series on Steam including Cross Tag Battle.

What is the most played BlazBlue?

BlazBlue: Central Fiction stats – Most popular characters, teams and more

# Character name Percentage played
1 Ragna 8.11
2 Noel 6.39
3 Jin 5.96
4 Makoto 5.71