How fast is the BMW X5 50i?

How fast is the BMW X5 50i?

Top speed: 209 km/h / 130 mph
electronically governed
0-60 mph (s): 4.6
0-100 km/h (s): 4.8
0-1/4 mile (s):

How much horsepower does a 2013 BMW X5 M have?

555 hp2013 BMW X5 M / Horsepower

What is the difference between BMW X5 35i and X5 50i?

The X5 xDrive50i includes all of the features found in the 35i along with keyless ignition and entry, leather upholstery, 16-way power front seats, four-zone climate control, a rearview camera, 16-speaker Harman Kardon surround-sound audio system and satellite radio.

Does BMW still make the X5 50i?

BMW will start accepting orders for the 2021 X5 SUV this July. But when the order bank opens up, there are a few changes compared to the previous model year. First and most important is the removal of the BMW X5 50i model.

What is Xdrive 50i?

An all-too-familiar luxury SUV formula In the case of the 2019 BMW X5 xDrive50i, the luxury SUV’s extra grunt comes in the form of an intoxicating 4.4-liter twin-turbo V-8 with 456 hp and 479 lb-ft of torque, and it’ll tempt you every time you’re behind the wheel.

What engine is in the 2013 BMW X5 50i?

4.4 L V82013 BMW X5 xDrive50i / Engine

Is the 2013 BMW X5 a twin turbo?

The X5 xDrive35d uses a twin-turbo diesel six-cylinder with 265 hp and 425 pounds-feet of torque. Sixty mph comes in 6.9 seconds, BMW says; thanks to the higher efficiency of diesel fuel, EPA-estimated fuel economy tops the X5 range at 19/26 mpg city/highway. The xDrive35d uses a six-speed automatic.

What is xDrive50i?

How do I know what BMW M sport I have?

Arguably the easiest way to identify a BMW M Series is to look at the VIN number. This is the quickest and most efficient way, as all you have to do is look at the first three letters. All BMW M models have VIN numbers that begin with WBS. All other BMW vehicles have VIN numbers that begin with WBA.

How many horsepower in a BMW X5 50i?

456 hp @ 5,250
Used 2019 BMW X5 xDrive50i Specs & Features

Base engine type Gas
Horsepower 456 hp @ 5,250 rpm
Torque 479 lb-ft @ 1,500 rpm
Valves 32

What is the difference between xDrive35i and xDrive50i?

Here is where you will see the most differences. The xDrive50i is the X6’s line-topping trim level, and it, of course, is also an all-wheel drive trim. It is quite a bit more powerful than the xDrive35i since it is equipped with a big 4.4-L twin-turbo V8 engine and 8-speed Sport automatic transmission.

Is the 2013 BMW X5 a twin-turbo?

Does the 2013 BMW X5 have a turbo?

The base BMW X5 xDrive35i comes with a turbocharged 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine that makes 300 horsepower and 300 pound-feet of torque. The xDrive35d has a turbocharged 3.0-liter six-cylinder diesel engine makes 265 horsepower and 425 pound-feet of torque.

Where can I find information about the 2013 BMW X5?

Research the 2013 BMW X5 at and find specs, pricing, MPG, safety data, photos, videos, reviews and local inventory. Opens website in a new tab

What are the specs of a 2013 BMW X5 xDrive50i?

Used 2013 BMW X5 xDrive50i Features & Specs. LENGTH 15ft 11.1in WIDTH 6ft 4.1in Body style illustration may not reflect the actual shape of this vehicle. FRONT TRACK 5 ft. 4.7 in. (64.7 in.) GROUND CLEARANCE 0 ft. 8.3 in. (8.3 in.) HEIGHT 5 ft. 9.9 in. (69.9 in.) LENGTH 15 ft. 11.1 in. (191.1 in.) REAR TRACK 5 ft. 5 in.

Should you buy a BMW X5 or an SUV?

While the X5 has a solid base of BMW loyalists who need the space and flexibility that a two- or three-row SUV offers, converting others over to the brand might be a little trickier.

What are the different trim levels of the BMW X5?

The X5 has five available trim levels, including a diesel-powered xDrive35d. All-wheel drive is standard. Compare the top four trim levels here. If the X5 isn’t a perfect fit for you, you may want to check out other similarly priced seven-seat luxury SUVs, like the Mercedes-Benz M-Class or the Audi Q7.