How do you store KitchenAid attachments?

How do you store KitchenAid attachments?

Where to Store Stand Mixer Attachments

  1. Hang them on hooks.
  2. Hang them inside your kitchen cabinets.
  3. Keep them in the stand mixer bowl.
  4. Put them on a magnetic knife strip.
  5. Organize them upright in a pan organizer rack.

Can you carry on a KitchenAid mixer?

Checked Bags: Yes Mixer is allowed in carry-on bags.

What is the proper storage of electric mixer?

The easiest and most common place to store your stand mixer is on your countertop. Countertop storage keeps this frequently used culinary icon within easy reach for unlocking creative possibilities in the kitchen.

Can I lay my Kitchenaid mixer on its side?

Ideally you’d leave your stand mixer out on the counter, but when that’s not possible, store your appliance in a chest-height cabinet. When stashed too low or too high, you’re at a greater risk of dropping the mixer or injuring yourself. You also want to make sure the mixer is stored upright and not on its side.

What is the best way to store kitchen knives?

In general, there are three basic methods to store your kitchen knives correctly. You can place them in countertop knife blocks, drawers or on wall-mounted magnetic strips. All these solutions are considered safe for knife storage, but the best selection usually depends upon how well your kitchen is configured.

How do I hide my stand mixer?

If you’d rather hide it away, try installing a counter-level closed cabinet. Some kitchens come with a bread-box style ‘appliance garage,” but you can also retro fit a cabinet behind a faux backsplash. To save your back, try storing your stand mixer and other often-used appliances at chest-level on open shelving.

How do you organize a mixer?

How to Host a Business After Hours Mixer

  1. Consider Your Guest List. The main point of hosting a business mixer is to network with fellow business owners, managers, and employees.
  2. Location, Location, Location.
  3. Make It Fun.
  4. Remember It’s About Networking.
  5. Set the Date.
  6. Support Others.