How do you make a modular cube box?

How do you make a modular cube box?

Beginning Folds

  1. Fold your paper in half from left to right and unfold. You now have a central crease.
  2. Fold the left and right edges to the central crease and unfold.
  3. Fold the top left corner and bottom right corner inwards, aligning with the two previous creases.
  4. Fold the left and right edges back to the central crease.

What do you do with sonobe units?

Sonobe units are fast and simple to fold, and can be fitted together to create beautiful, intriguing 3D shapes like these: You will need six sonobe units to make a cube like the yellow-blue-green one pictured above, 12 to make an octahedron (the red-pink-purple one), and 30 to make an icosahedron (the golden one).

How do you make a origami modular icosahedron?

Post-It Origami Icosahedron

  1. Step 1: Fold Post-it in Half Glued Side Inside.
  2. Step 2: Fold Bottom and Top in the Center.
  3. Step 3: Fold Both Corners on the Upper Line.
  4. Step 4: Wrap It Up.
  5. Step 5: Fold the Corners Over.
  6. Step 6: Make a Square and Fold It Into Triangle.
  7. Step 7: Make 30 Sonobe Units.

What is a Sonobe unit?

The Sonobe unit is a pretty common modular origami unit. This instructable will show you how to make the basic Sonobe unit. There are several photos of each fold, so look at the pictures. The text is just a basic overview; the information is in the pictures. If you have questions or need extra pictures just add a comment.

How do you fold a Sonobe?

Insert the flap underneath the lower right section. Flip the model over to the other side, left to right. Fold the lower-left corner up to the lower point of the right edge. Fold the topmost point down and to the left. You now need to have six of these “Sonobe” units. Start by taking one unit with its flap on the top and bottom.

What can you make with Sonobe?

The Sonobe unit is very versatile. You can create nearly all polyhedra with it. A quick google search will turn up hundreds of variations. The finished piece of modular origami below is a Stellated Octahedron made with 12 Sonobe units. The Sonobe units are typically connected in groups of three.

How to install a Sonobe air fryer?

The right one: Insert the top left point into the top pocket on the center unit. Now get two more Sonobe units, place them above and below the central unit. Insert the top flap from the central unit into the right pocket of the one above. Insert the bottom flap from the central unit into the left pocket of the one below.