How do you cut a Tete de Moine without a girolle?

How do you cut a Tete de Moine without a girolle?

But you don’t have to have a girolle to enjoy Tête de Moine. Rather you can just use a knife or a cheese slicer to shave off pieces, or say screw that, and just cut large chunks like any other cheese.

How is Tete de Moine made?

Tête de Moine AOP, literally monk’s head, is a cylindrical, smeared semi-hard, unpasteurised cheese weighing around 800 grams. It boasts a very fine consistency, which melts in the mouth. It isn’t cut; instead, it is scraped into fine rosettes using a girolle cheese curler or similar tool.

What cheese Can you use on a girolle?

Tete De Moine is the best cheese for the Girolle, but we can also use this tool for other types of cheeses as well.

What cheese is similar to Tete de Moine?

Gruyère, Vacherin Mont d’Or, and Tête de Moine together make up the holy trinity of cheeses from the Swiss Jura. And if you’re looking for a comparison, Tête de Moine is most similar to Gruyère, Appenzeller, and Abondance—although those three cheeses will be milder (and larger!) than tiny Tête de Moine.

What is a cheese curler called?

The French call it a girolle; the rest of us call it a cheese curler.

What kind of cheese do you use for a cheese curler?

Cheese curlers are a genius contraption that can be used to carve any semi-to-firm cheese into almost paper-thin ribbons that look something akin to handmade roses—except these roses are made of Manchego, Gouda, or Drunken Goat.

Why is it called Tête de Moine?

Originally called Bellelay, after the abbey, the cheese was renamed Tête de Moine after the French Revolution. Tête de Moine means “monks head” and some say the name derives from the tax levied by the abbey, whereby the farmers would provide one cheese for each monk during the season.

Is Tête de Moine pasteurized?

Tête de Moine is made from unpasteurized, raw cow’s milk and is a semi-hard cheese.

How do you store Tete de Moine?

Tête de Moine is best stored in the fridge under a cheese cover to maintain its humidity. This preserves both its robust aroma and texture and ensures that the cheese is ready for paring at any time.

What is Swiss cheese called in the UK?

Swiss cheese does not exist in Europe Asking for it would be like asking for “one pound of French cheese” — people would ask you which French cheese? Real Swiss cheeses are named after the region of Switzerland they come from, such as Appenzeller, Emmenthal, Gruyère and Vacherin Mont d’Or.

What is the difference between Swiss cheese and Jarlsberg cheese?

Jarlsberg has the consistency, texture, and hole-formation of Swiss Emmental, but a sweeter flavor that is more nut-like than its Swiss-made counterpart. Another difference worth noting is the density and weight distinctions between the two.

How do you use Girolle?

Firmly push the spike of the Girolle held upside down through the centre of the cheese. Make absolutely sure you hold the Girolle base horizontally. Then flip your Girolle the right way round and press the cheese firmly down onto the steel grippers of the wooden base, so that it cannot rotate while it is being shaved.

Where is Boska Holland made?

It all began near Gouda, in Holland, where blacksmith Willem Bos made his first cheese tools for the local farmers. From that day on it’s been our family’s tradition to create fun & smart tools so you can enjoy cheese, chocolate, pizza and more to the fullest.

What is a Girrole?

nounplural noun girolles/jəˈrōl/ /dʒəˈroʊl/ A chanterelle mushroom. as modifier ‘roasted leg of wild rabbit in a girolle sauce’

How do you use a chocolate cheese curler?

Attach Curling Blade to the Center Post, grasp the knob on the Curling Blade and slowly rotate blade, while applying slight downward pressure onto the chocolate disk. Continue to rotate the curling blade until you have reached the desired ruffle shape. Stop and carefully remove ruffle and apply to your dessert.

How do you store Tête de Moine?

Is the rind on Tête de Moine edible?

This wonderful tool allows for the perfect shaving of a mini-wheel of Tete deMoine, with a minimum of effort, every time you use it. If you do not use a griolle we suggest thinly cutting the top off and shaving it with your knife. The thin, sticky rind is edible even though it looks and feels like it should be removed.

How much does Tête de Moine cost?

Tete de Moine, AOC

2 lbs (whole wheel) chilled $68.96
4 x 2 lbs (whole wheels) chilled $248.24

What kind of cheese do you use with a cheese curler?

Cheese curling works best on small round wheels of hard cheese. Traditionally, it is used with Tete de Moine, but try it out on P’tit Basque, smoked cheese, and Edam – and chocolate too!