How do I reach someone at Telstra?

How do I reach someone at Telstra?

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  1. Sales. Call 13 2000.
  2. Accounts and billing. Call 13 2000.
  3. Concierge tech support. Call 13 2999.
  4. nbn. Call 13 2000.
  5. Other Options. Multilingual services.

Does Telstra have chat?

My Telstra Messaging Messaging is an easy way to get in touch. Unlike Live Chat, you don’t need to standby online for a response – you’ll get a notification each time we reply.

Is there a Telstra call Centre in Australia?

Telstra is moving all call centres to Australia After receiving several complaints about overseas service representatives, Telstra announced in January of this year that all of their call centres will be back in Australia within 18 months.

Is Telstra call Centre in Australia?

Telstra is keeping its inbound call centres in Australia even after the coronavirus pandemic subsides, with all inbound calls to be answered locally by the end of fiscal 2022.

How do I speak to an Australian at Telstra?

To speak to a customer service representative, you can call Telstra at 13 22 00 between 7am and 11pm AEST, Monday to Friday.

Are calls to Telstra free?

Millions of calls are made each year to our most frequently rung customer service numbers and, as of yesterday, calls to those numbers from Telstra services will be free of charge.

How do I get the Telstra 24×7 app?

How do I get the app?

  1. Download. To download the My Telstra app, open the App Store (for Apple users) or Google Play (for Android users) Search for My Telstra and select install.
  2. Sign in. Use your Telstra ID to sign in.
  3. Get started. Start using the app to manage your services and get the help you need, when you need it.

How do I speak to a Telstra person in Australia?

Is Telstra call Centre coming back to Australia?

Recently Telstra CEO Andy Penn announced Telstra aims to bring all of its call centres back to Australia within the next 18 months and allow more employees to work from home.

How much does it cost to have a 1300 number?

1300 number call plans start from $19 + GST per month. Call usage charges will be billed according to call rates on the plan selected. Set up charge. There is a once-off cost to have your 1300 number set up and activated on our platform.

Are 1300 numbers free with Telstra?

4.1 Except for the 13 numbers set out in the table below, we charge you to make calls from your Basic Telephone Service to a 13 number (including 1300 and 1345 numbers), unless calls to 13 numbers are specifically included in your plan.

How do I find My Telstra account?

your 13 digit account number – either find this on your Telstra bill or, if you’re a prepaid customer, go to or call #150# to get your account number. Once you have registered, this email address and password will be your Telstra ID.

How do I find My Telstra username and password?

I’ve forgotten my Telstra ID password

  1. Go to the forgotten password page.
  2. Enter your username and confirm you’re not a robot by ticking the box.
  3. Click on Send email.
  4. Check for an email from Telstra.
  5. In the email, click on Reset my password.
  6. Enter your new password and click Reset password.