How do I find the width and height of an iframe?

How do I find the width and height of an iframe?


  1. function calcHeight()
  2. {
  3. //find the height of the internal page.
  4. var the_height = document. getElementById(‘iframe’). contentWindow.
  5. document. body. scrollHeight;
  6. //change the height of the iframe.
  7. document. getElementById(‘iframe’). height=

What is iframe height?

The height attribute specifies the height of an , in pixels. The default height is 150 pixels.

How do I change the size of an iframe dynamically?

Using the window. postMessage() method, we can safely communicate between the iframe and the parent window. That way, we can send a height value from the iframe to the parent window. Then, in the parent window, we can set a simple script to dynamically update the height of the iframe.

Which attribute specifies the height of an iframe?

> height Attribute
HTML | height Attribute The HTML height attribute is used to specify the height of the in terms of pixels. Attribute Values: It contains single value pixel which specifies the height of the iframes in terms of pixels.

How do I set the width and height of an iframe in HTML?

The height & width of the iframe has to be set to 100% without scroll, except for the scroll that comes for the body when the content is loaded and the size of the content is more. The content of the iframe is another HTML page from the same domain. The iframe also needs to scale according to the responsive HTML page.

What is the use of height and width attribute of the iframe tag?

Answer: Setting Height and Width in Iframe : The height and width attributes are used to specify the size of the iframe. The attribute values are specified in pixels by default, but they can also be specified in percentage like ” 80% “.

How do I get elements in an iframe?

Getting the element in Iframe const iframe = document. getElementById(“myIframe”); Now, it has and contentWindow property which returns the document object by using that we can access the elements from an Iframe. const iWindow = iframe.

How to change the height of the iframe’s content?

You can retrieve the height of the IFRAME ‘s content by using contentWindow.document.body.scrollHeight After the IFRAME is loaded, you can then change the height by doing the following:

How to apply CSS property to an iframe?

Approach 1: There are several techniques to apply CSS property to an iframe, as given below. We can use inline CSS for the iframe by using CSS inside the iframe tag. Example: The design of the HTML page is implemented as follows. to an iframe?

How to set iframe size and border thickness in HTML?

Example: In the following example, the iframe size is of “300px” for both width and height and the border thickness is “3px” and dotted style. Approach 2: You can use the internal CSS for the iframe tag inside the HTML file. Approach 3: You can use external CSS for the iframe, that is making use of external CSS file.

How can I increase the load time of a jQuery iframe?

First, I would put jQuery inside the iFrame’s document; this will consume more memory, but it shouldn’t increase load time as the script only needs to be loaded once. Use the iFrame’s jQuery to measure the height of your iframe’s body as early as possible (onDOMReady) and then set the URL hash to that height.