How do I find my branch number commonwealth?

How do I find my branch number commonwealth?

If you’re looking for your own BSB number, you can also find it in your online banking or on your account statements. Always check the BSB number with your bank or recipient. If you use the wrong number, your payment could bounce, or be sent to the wrong account.

What is Commonwealth Bank’s bank code?

Bank name: Commonwealth Bank of Australia. CommBank BIC/SWIFT code: CTBAAU2S.

How do I do cardless deposit CommBank?

Deposit money using account details

  1. Choose Cardless Deposits. Choose to deposit to a CommBank account number or CommBank credit card.
  2. Use 4 digit code. Enter your Australian mobile number to get a 4 digit SMS code.
  3. Enter account details.
  4. Deposit and confirm.

Can a BSB be 5 numbers?

For international transfers, a SWIFT code is used in addition to the BSB and account number. The BSB identifier consists of six numerals, the first two or three of which is a bank identifier. Many banks only have one BSB for all branches and accounts.

Which bank does this BSB belong to?

A BSB is a 6 digit numeric code used for identifying the branch of an Australian or New Zealand bank or financial institution….What is a BSB Number?

Number Code Bank
01 ANZ Australia and New Zealand Banking Group
03 or 73 WBC Westpac Bank
06 or 76 CBA Commonwealth Bank
08 or 78 NAB National Australia Bank

Can a family member deposit cash into my account?

The most basic way to move money into someone else’s account is to walk into the bank and tell the teller you’d like to deposit cash. You’ll need the recipient’s full name and bank account number to complete the deposit. Some banks are banning cash deposits into someone else’s account, though.