How do I dress like Luna Lovegood?

How do I dress like Luna Lovegood?

For the outfit, wear a White Long Sleeve Shirt paired with a Blue Grey Striped Tie beneath a Black V-neck Button Down Cardigan. Then, add an authentic Luna Lovegood Robe and Glasses, a Black Pleated Skirt, and Black Opaque Tights. We capped off her clothes with a pair of Black Mary Janes.

What clothes does Luna Lovegood wear?

Put on a dark-colored, knitted sweater vest and a gray long-sleeved shirt. In the movie, Luna wears a thin, gray, long-sleeved top. She pairs it with a blue knitted sweater vest. Though you do not have to follow this exact combination, you should try to copy Luna’s quirky layering.

Why is Luna a Ravenclaw?

She’s seen as a bit absent-minded, is easily distracted, and is extremely eccentric in both her disposition and general outward appearance. But that’s what makes her a perfect Ravenclaw. She loves learning, but unlike many of her housemates (or Hermione, for that matter), she can never know enough.

How do you make Luna Lovegood glasses easy?


  1. Print and Cut Out the Spectrespec Template. Download the spectrespec template, and open the file on your computer.
  2. Make the Lenses.
  3. Glue the Lenses in Place.
  4. Attach the Earpieces.
  5. Fine-Tune the Fit.

What are Luna’s glasses called?

‘* That being said, Luna was sporting some very interesting Spectrespecs – glasses that supposedly allowed the wearer to see Wrackspurts – invisible creatures that ‘float in through your ears and make your brain go fuzzy’.

What ring does Luna Lovegood wear?

Owners. This was a ring worn by Luna Lovegood, shaped in the form of a Beetle. She often wore this eccentric ring around Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Why does Luna Lovegood wear shoes to bed?

During her student years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Luna Lovegood suffered from somnambulism. This was the reason why she used to wear her shoes to bed.

What does Luna Lovegood look like in the books?

The character first appears in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, in which she is described as having straggly, waist-length dirty-blond hair and a dazed look on her face. Her eyes are “silvery”, “misty”, and “protuberant” (the last quality serving to give her a “permanently surprised look”).

What does Luna wear as earrings?

In J. K. Rowling’s The Order of the Phoenix novel she describes the new student at Hogwarts, the ‘odd’ witch Luna Lovegood, as wearing radish earrings.