How do female elephant seals mate?

How do female elephant seals mate?

They will mate with the male who has defended their harem from attack by other males during the nursing period. The mating is often very loud as the females bark when the male bites their neck and pins them down. After mating the females will leave the beach, thus weaning their baby.

What mating system do elephant seals use?

The mating system of southern elephant seals is strongly polygynous, and it is the purest form of harem based female defence polygyny. Females gather in groups while on land for parturition and suckling of the pup.

How do seals mate?

After the pupping season, males initiate true mating behavior by chasing, neck- and flipper-biting, and embracing. When approached, females respond by growling, head-thrusting, and flipper-waving. Copulation usually takes place in the water. A male harbor seal may mate with several females.

How do seal reproduce?

Seals are mammals, so their reproduction process is like humans (sperm fertilizes an egg). The females have an egg inside their uteruses, which is protected by fluids. After it is fertilized it forms into a seal pup for about 9-11 months (depending on what seal species you are looking at).

How does an elephant choose its mate?

Male elephants fan their ears more when they are ready to mate than at other times. This allows them to get their scent out there at a wider distance to attract potential mates. The females are ready to breed when they are about 14 years of age. There is plenty of aggression among the males for the right to mate.

How does a seal get pregnant?

Do male seals get pregnant?

(The seals don’t “know” any of this stuff, but that’s what happens). Seals are mammals, so fertilization happens inside the female. Male seals keep their reproductive parts tucked away inside their bodies until they need them. This keeps their streamlined shape in the water.

How do male elephant seals mate?