How deep is the Zenobia wreck?

How deep is the Zenobia wreck?

The Zenobia sank to the sea bed in the early hours of the 7th June 1980. She rests on her port side at a maximum depth of 42m (45m inside) and her starboard side sits at 16m at it’s shallowest. Theā€¦ The 172 metre long Zenobia Wreck is the best wreck dive in the mediteranean and one of the best dive sites in the world.

Where is Zenobia wreck?

Larnaca, Cyprus
MS Zenobia was a Swedish built Challenger-class RO-RO ferry launched in 1979 that capsized and sank in the Mediterranean sea, close to Larnaca, Cyprus, in June 1980 on her maiden voyage. The seabed is at 42m and the highest point is at 16m with visibility reaching 40m.

Why did Zenobia sink?

Investigations cited excess water that had been pumped into the ballast tanks, which was taken out and the ship headed for its second-last stop in Larnaca where it arrived on June 2, 1980 and the same problem recurred. The ship was using a computerised pumping system and the problem was put down to software error.

Is Cyprus good for scuba diving?

Is Cyprus good for scuba diving? Cyprus is blessed with amazing marine life, clear waters and a constant water temperature of 25 C which makes it the ideal condition for scuba diving.

Where can I scuba dive in Cyprus?

Cyprus stands out when it comes to diving because of the many wrecks, as well as other underwater attractions, you can enjoy exploring.

  • The Wreck of the Zenobia.
  • The Copper Wreck.
  • Diana Wreck.
  • The Liberty Wreck.
  • The HMS Cricket.
  • Lady Thetis.
  • The Canyon.
  • The Chapel Dive Site.

Where is the thistlegorm wreck?

The Red Sea
SS Thistlegorm Wreck is located in the north of The Red Sea, at Shag Rock in the Gulf of Gubal, and can be visited by day trip boats and liveaboards. Day-trip diving boats from Sharm el-Sheikh can take up to four hours to get to the site and offer two-dive day trips.

Where is the best diving in Europe?

Best Diving Destinations in Europe

  1. Gozo Island. Malta. Malta offers you the best climate in Europe as well as warm waters throughout the year.
  2. Tenerife. Spain. Enjoy the blue waters of one of Europe’s sunniest destinations.
  3. Losinj. Croatia.
  4. Guadeloupe. France.
  5. Capri. Italy.
  6. Pembrokeshire. UK.
  7. Murcia. Spain.
  8. Brac. Croatia.

Is scuba diving in Cyprus good?

With water temperatures remaining pleasantly above 25C well into October, Cyprus has a longer diving season than most of its competitors nearby. The clarity of the sea, often vital to good diving, is also excellent. Visibility of more than 30 meters is not uncommon and seas are also usually calm.

Can you still dive the Thistlegorm?

It is possible to dive Thistlegorm in one dive, if you want to make the most of the two dive sites Thistlegorm has, you should dive the bow and the stern separately. The bow is regarded as one of the best dive sites in Thistlegorm.

How deep is the Kittiwake wreck?

The Kittiwake has a max depth of 65 ft deep with the top of the wreck in around 15ft.

Which is also the number 1 diving destination in Europe?

Diving in Malta is maybe the number one in Europe with famous diving spots all over the Maltese Islands including Gozo and its famous Blue Hole. Malta is a great destination for scuba divers who love wreck diving and shore diving.

How deep is Santa Rosa Wall Cozumel?

50 to 120 feet
With a depth ranging from 50 to 120 feet (15.24 meters to 36.6 meters), the Santa Rosa Wall is a good spot for both novice and experienced divers. Diving tours typically leave from Cancun or Cozumel, often visiting other dive sites including Tormentos Reef, Palancar Gardens, or La Herradura.

Is the Cayman Islands sinking?

The Cayman Islands, being low lying islands with an average height above sea level of seven feet are vulnerable to rising sea levels caused by global warming.