Do people still chat on IRC?

Do people still chat on IRC?

IRC is an internet protocol for real-time communication online. Although many fancier chat applications have appeared since it emerged way back in the 1980s, IRC is still going strong, and provides a viable alternative.

Are IRC chats anonymous?

IRC admins can read your private messages as well. The vast majority of servers I’ve visited also expose your IP Address to everyone unless you’re behind a proxy or VPN, so there’s no real anonymity.

Are IRC chats secure?

IRC is secure… This means that all messages in transit between clients and your server would be encrypted (usually with Transport Layer Security) and the only weakness would be logs on the servers themselves or logs on client machines.

Can IRC be hacked?

Hackers often will not connect to IRC directly. By using a variety of hosts a hacker can subvert a ban, trick others into thinking he is someone else, or connect to an IRC server that limits connections. Most often, though, it is to hide his real IP address in case someone is watching them.

Do you need a VPN for IRC?

In as much as its use has declined, IRC is still in use among a couple of well to do organizations. Using a VPN allows them to add a layer of security to their use, and ensure that nobody is able to intercept their communication.

Who was the first Discord user?

One user, who goes by Vind on Discord, was among Discord’s earliest cohort of users. He and his Battlefield 4-playing friends ditched TeamSpeak for the app, right as they were also starting to do more than just talk about Battlefield.

How do I hide my IP on IRC?

You have three options:

  1. Use a proxy.
  2. Use a bouncer.
  3. Only use IRC servers that support IP cloaking.

Is IRC end to end encrypted?

The OTR encryption protocol can be implemented on top of IRC to provide end-to-end encryption between two clients. As OTR is a one-to-one communication scheme, and not suitable for one-to-many communication, it can be used only for private messages between individual users.

Why is Slack better than IRC?

IRC is a protocol, Slack is a client/app that uses protocols (one of which used to be IRC). Many IRC clients, although beloved by some users, are rough around the edges. In my opinion, Slack has “won” over other clients because of UX: it’s extremely easy to sign-up, understand, and use productively.

Who owns Discord now?

Discord is still a privately held company, regardless of buyout talks with companies such as Microsoft. Stanislav Vishnevsky, the founder of the social gaming platform Guildwork, came together with Jason Citron to conceptualize Discord. Citron is the founder of the social gaming platform, OpenFeint.

Is discord the same as IRC?

Jamie Zawinski made a comment about Discord basically being “IRC with pictures” somewhere along the way, but it’s actually not.