Can you fish the Passaic River NJ?

Can you fish the Passaic River NJ?

If you want to enjoy exciting northern pike fishing close to home, the Passaic River is the waterway of choice.

What kind of fish are in Passaic River NJ?

Passaic River is a stream near Jersey City. The most popular species caught here are Northern pike, Smallmouth bass, and Largemouth bass.

Where can you fish for trout in NJ?

There are several waters that remain open for catch-and-release trout fishing: Lake Hopatcong (Morris/Sussex), Mountain Lake (Warren), Prospertown Lake (Ocean), Lake Shenandoah (Ocean), Swartswood Lake (Sussex), and the section of Lawrence Brook from Davidsons Mill Rd. to Farrington Lake dam are open year round to …

What lives in the Passaic River?

The only resident species in this group are the mummichog and white perch. The remaining four species are migratory and typically occur in the lower Passaic River from late spring to early fall (which is why many were captured in both of the surveys).

How do you catch a pike in NJ?

Winter ice fishing is one of the most productive and popular periods to fish for pike. Using large shiners fished on the bottom or with a bobber is effective in both lakes and rivers. Large spoons, such as the Daredevil and Johnson weedless, have been synonymous with pike fishing for generations.

Do I need a trout stamp in NJ?

Trout Stamps A valid fishing license and trout stamp are both required to fish for or possess trout and salmon for all anglers (residents and non-residents) 16 and over, and residents under the age of 70. No trout stamp is required for residents age 70 years and over.

How much is a trout stamp in NJ?


All Around Sportsman (includes Resident Fishing, Firearm Hunting and Bow Hunting licenses) $72.25
Resident Trout Stamp $10.50
Non-Resident Fishing (Ages 16 and up) $34.00
Non-Resident Trout Stamp $20.00
7-Day Vacation Fishing (nonresidents only) $19.50

Is the Passaic River saltwater?

The Dundee Dam was constructed in 1828. Above the dam the river is freshwater. Below the dam, the river is tidal. The lower Passaic River is a mixture of freshwater and salt water.