Can I use rams with different CAS latency?

Can I use rams with different CAS latency?

Can you mix RAM with different CAS latency? Short answer is Yes, But! The overall RAM CAS and speed will drop to the lowest RAM stick.

Is RAM speed more important than CAS latency?

So to put everything together and answer the classic question, speed is more important. The best way to optimize RAM performance is to install as much memory as possible, use the latest memory technology, and choose modules with the right amount of speed for the applications you’re using.

Does CAS latency make a difference?

The lower the CAS, the faster the RAM—and consequently, the more expensive. When deciding between RAM of different clock speeds, the RAM with the higher clock speed is superior; but when choosing between RAM of identical clock speeds, the RAM with lower CAS latency is faster.

Can I use two different rams CL?

You should try. If they work, it is fine. If they don’t go into the BIOS and set them on the same setting i.e CAS and Frequency.

Can I combine cl16 and CL18 RAM?

It shouldn’t endanger any of your hardware, because ideally it wont work to begin with. Mixing RAM is hit or miss. You would need to adjust the settings of the faster sticks to match the slower ones (that’s every setting; latency, speed, timings, voltage etc) to even have a chance at them working together.

Can I mix 8gb and 16gb RAM?

“You Can’t Mix RAM Sizes,” or “You Can’t Mix RAM Brands” Most laptops or computers come with at least two slots for RAM sticks, if not more. Most modern motherboards will provide four RAM slots. There’s a prevailing misconception you cannot use different RAM sizes together or that you cannot mix RAM brands.

Is CAS latency 18 good for gaming?

Cas latency doesn’t matter as much as the ram frequency does. For ryzen 3000, 3200mhz or 3600 mhz with cl16-cl18 will be fine. CL18 by itself doesn’t mean anything, you need the RAM speed number too in order to calculate the actual latency.

Can I mix cl16 and cl17 RAM?

If you have RAM with different timings it can cause system instability. It will not damage the PC but it may cause system instability such as lockups or crashes. You can try installing it and if it causes issues, take the stick out.

Can I use 2 different pairs of RAM?

It’s a common misconception that you can’t pair two different RAM sizes in your system. It’s possible to use two or more different RAM sizes, but it has a downside. Same-sized RAM sticks are programmed to work together in a state called flex mode or dual-channel mode whenever possible to reach the best performance.

Is CL18 a fine?

Is a lower CAS latency better?

Step 1: Identify the highest memory speed supported by both your processor and motherboard (including overclocking profiles). Step 2: Select the lowest latency memory that fits within your budget at that speed, remembering that a superior (i.e. lower) latency means superior system performance.

Can I combine CL16 and cl18 RAM?