Are Epic bikes good?

Are Epic bikes good?

One of the best-known XC bikes on the market, the latest Specialized Epic is notable for two reasons. First is the updated geometry, reflecting the changing nature of XC courses, with a longer reach and slacker head angle.

When did the Specialized Epic come out?

The 2002 Specialized Epic’s suspension technology won Gear of the Year award in VeloNews. By 1999 when the first prototypes came out, mountain bike legend Ned Overend was finished racing World Cups, but he was still heavily involved in Specialized R&D. He could tell the Epic had big potential.

What is the difference between Specialized Epic and Epic EVO?

The Epic is designed wholly for full gas pedalling around an XC racetrack, while the Evo has adapted the Epic platform to smash XC trails. The Evo and Epic share the same front triangle while the Evo sports a different rear triangle among other tweaks to handle the increased travel and make it a more stable ride.

What type of bike is Specialized Epic?

XC bikes
The Epic has to be one of the best known XC bikes on the market, competing with the likes of the Scott Spark, Cannondale Scalpel and Trek Top Fuel. For nearly 20 years, the Epic has forged its own furrow, employing its Brain suspension technology to tread the line between hardtail efficiency and full-suspension speed.

How light is the epic hardtail?

775 grams
As in, super, ultra, mega, stupendously light. Specialized claims the new S-Works Epic HT weighs just 775 grams, give or take half a Mars bar. That is ridonculously light, and over 10% more feathery than the already-svelte 2019 Specialized S-Works Epic HT frame (which wasn’t exactly porky itself at 845g).

How heavy is specialized epic hardtail?


Price GBP £2250.00
Weight 11.54kg (L)
Brand Specialized

How heavy is the Epic hardtail com?

For 2020, Specialized have given their World Cup XC race hardtail, the Epic, a makeover. With a frame-only weight of 790 grams (including paint) for a size medium, Specialized claim it’s the lightest production hardtail frame in existence.

How light is the Epic hardtail?

What is the weight of specialized mountain bike?

At under 22 pounds (10 Kg) this is the lightest full suspension 29er in the world. No-holds-barred design, engineering, materials, construction, and specifications combine to make the Epic the only dual-suspension bike to win the World Championships.

How much lighter is a carbon mountain bike?

It is hard to pin down a hard and fast rule about how much lighter a carbon frame is compared to an aluminum one. For example, a Santa Cruz Bronson carbon frame may boast a 1.5-pound weight saving over the aluminum version while the carbon Pivot Switchblade might be 1.9-pounds lighter than the aluminum Switchblade.

Are old carbon bikes safe?

Myth: A carbon frame won’t last as long as a metal one. Reality: As long as you don’t crash hard or take a hammer to the frame, a carbon bike can theoretically last forever. In fact, steel and aluminum last only so long before the metal fatigues and can no longer be used safely, but carbon remains stable indefinitely.