Will AION Classic Be Free?

Will AION Classic Be Free?

Aion Classic will still be free-to-play, although there will be a new subscription service offered called Siel’s Aura.

Is AION shut down?

Today, 4/17, all real money in-app purchases will no longer be available and the game will no longer be able to be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Current players will be able to continue playing until 6/19, at which time the game server will officially shut down.

Can you play Aion Classic for free?

How much does Aion classic cost?

The general going price for a battle pass is $10 in the industry. Roughly. Fortnite’s battle pass is about $10, as are many other games. Aion’s battle pass is $30.

When did Aion shut down?

Will Aion Classic Be Free?

Is Aion free to play or pay to play?

Aion Online is NA, Free to play is EU. Na is deffinatly more populated and gets patches sooner, I’d choose that one most likely, but only if you can deal with a little bit of lag. If you can’t then go on free to play, but you will be with a very small population.

Can you play Aion for free?

Just follow the easy steps below properly, you will get to play Aion for free in no time. You can use this system to get Aion account codes for free, Aion 60 day Game Cards / Time Cards for free, and Aion: Assault on balaurea for Free. Select the amount of paypal money you want for your Free Aion.

Is Aion the best MMORPG ever?

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Do people still play Aion?

Well, as I heard, this is the worst time that you can experience in Aion. Population is decreasing day by day, and soon will arrive a shitty patch that will delete the game. I advice you to play it by your own, and understand if it fit with your game style. Don’t expect to play the 3.0 / 4.0 Aion. It’s different.