Why is Hilo Hawaii so rainy?

Why is Hilo Hawaii so rainy?

One word about Hilo weather: wet. In fact, Hilo is the wettest city in the United States. Being on the windward side of the island, moisture floats in off the Pacific Ocean and begins to rise as it meets the slopes of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea. Hilo is the beneficiary of substantial moisture arriving in the form of rain.

Does it always rain in Hilo?

When you take a look at the annual rainfall in Hilo, you’ll see it averages out to one-third of an inch every day. That’s what sets Hilo apart from all other rainy cities: it gets rain nearly every day, not just in certain seasons. Only 100 days in Hilo per year don’t see rain.

What is the rainiest month in Hilo Hawaii?

The wettest month is November, the driest month June. Most of this rain falls between the late afternoon and early morning, but especially in March/April and November/December it can be wise to pack a small umbrella. Roughly half of the days in Hilo are completely cloudy.

How cold does Hilo get?

The climate in Hilo is warm, muggy, windy, and partly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 64°F to 83°F and is rarely below 60°F or above 86°F.

Does it rain more in Kona or Hilo?

Current Weather in Kailua-Kona The Hilo side (east side of the island) is much wetter than the Kona side (west side of the island). Most people associate Hilo with rain. In fact, Hilo is the wettest city in the United States (no, it’s really not Seattle!).

Is Hilo the wettest city?

1. Hilo, Hawaii. Hilo stands in the top position as the rainiest city in the US! Averaging 156.79 inches of rain per year, it almost doubles rainfall totals of second-place Maple Valley.

Do people like living in Hilo?

In Hilo, you’ll enjoy charming town life with easy access to the endlessly diverse climates of the Big Island. Plus, with the rest of the Hawaiian islands just a short flight away, you’ll be perfectly positioned to enjoy all that this diverse island chain has to offer.

How far is Hilo from volcano?

The distance between Hilo and Volcano is 23 miles. The road distance is 28.9 miles.

How many days of sunshine does Hilo have?

Climate Averages

Hilo, Hawaii United States
Sunny 175 days 205 days
Avg. July High 81.0° 85.8°
Avg. Jan. Low 63.0° 21.7°
Comfort Index (higher=better) 8.6 7

Which Hawaiian island has the coolest weather?

The summit of Mauna Kea lies on the rim of Pu’uwēkiu, and the coldest temperature ever measured in Hawaii has been recorded on the crater floor, where a temporary weather station was installed.