Who started Precision Pipeline?

Who started Precision Pipeline?

Precision Pipeline, LLC was founded in 2004 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, by Steve Rooney and Dan Murphy. Veterans of the industry, Murphy and Rooney maximized their work relationships to build the premier pipeline construction company in just five short years. In 2009, PPL joined the MasTec, Inc.

When did MasTec buy Precision Pipeline?

November 23, 2009
November 23, 2009. CORAL GABLES, Fla. , Nov. 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — MasTec, Inc. (NYSE: MTZ) today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Precision Pipeline, LLC , and its related affiliate.

Who is president of Precision Pipeline?

Michael Murphy – President – Precision Pipeline, LLC | LinkedIn.

Who owns MasTec?


Globetec Construction, LLC (Florida) (100% owned by MasTec North America, Inc.)
Direct Star TV LLC (NC) (100% owned by MasTec North America, Inc.)
DS D4U, LLC (NC) (100% owned by DirectStar TV LLC)
Funraisers PR, LLC (NC) (100% owned by DirectStar TV LLC)

Will Mountain Valley Pipeline be completed?

The Roanoke Times reports that Equitrans Midstream Corp., the lead partner in the pipeline project, outlined the latest plan in a conference call Tuesday with financial analysts. The pipeline’s cost is now projected to be $6.6 billion and its completion would be delayed to 2023.

What is the latest news on Mountain Valley Pipeline?

Officials say Mountain Valley Pipeline will seek new permits that courts have been rejected twice, increasing the cost for proposed natural gas pipeline that would run through Virginia and West Virginia and delaying its completion. May 3, 2022, at 5:28 p.m.

Who bought out Henkels & McCoy?

MasTec Completes Previously Announced Acquisition of Henkels & McCoy Group, Inc.

How much of the Mountain Valley pipeline is built?

With an estimated 20 linear miles of pipe remaining, MVP’s total project work is nearly 94% complete, which includes 55.8% of the right-of-way fully restored – the details of which are shown on the adjacent map.

Will the Mountain Valley pipeline be completed?

By spring 2021, total project work for MVP was roughly 92 percent complete, which included all work on the project’s three compressor stations and its three original interconnect facilities, with the additional Greene interconnect mechanically complete, as well as roughly 265 miles of pipe welded and in-place, and half …

What companies do MasTec own?

QuadGen became a wholly owned subsidiary of MasTec….

  • Condotte America, LLC.
  • Casey Industrial.
  • Phoenix Industrial.
  • Cash Construction.
  • FNF Construction.
  • Lemartec.
  • MasTec Industrial.
  • Wanzek.