Who sang Could You Be Loved?

Who sang Could You Be Loved?

Bob MarleyBob Marley and the Wailers
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Could You Be Loved meaning of song?

Others say Marley wrote it as a ballad to the poverty and struggle he witnessed, while still others claim he wrote it on a plane from Brazil in response to how much love he received when he performed there. Some even see it as being about a man reaffirming his faith in the face of personal struggle.

Could You Be Loved Bob Marley Release date?

1980Could You Be Loved / Released

Is Bob Marley the greatest artist of all time?

Reggae legend Bob Marley was names in VH1 100 greatest of all time list. Marley came in at number 11 on the list. The King of Reggae was the only reggae artist named on the list, which include rap legends such as Notorious BIG, Tupac Shakur and Jay-Z.

Who is more famous between Michael Jackson and Bob Marley?

In terms of pure popularity, Michael Jackson by far. He started young, achieved some popularity through the Jackson Five and then went on to forge an unparalleled solo career that spawned what became the best-selling album in history for some time (Thriller.)

Who is the best reggae singer of all time?

1) Bob Marley No list of reggae artists would be complete without Bob Marley in the top spot. Bob Marley rose to fame with his backing band, The Wailers, starting in 1963. Bob Marley’s songs sounded peaceful but were often political, with popular themes of love, redemption, and struggle.

Why did Bob Marley wrote the song No Woman, No Cry?

According to Rita Marley’s memoir, No Woman, No Cry: My Life With Bob Marley, Bob gave Tata songwriting credits to this song as a way of honoring him and the impact he had on Bob’s early life. Bob was reportedly living in Tata’s kitchen for a time, which Rita recalls is actually the first place that the two made love.

Did Bob Marley ever meet Michael Jackson?

This week we turn our attention to the time Bob met a possibly more iconic icon, Michael Jackson, literally in his own backyard, in 1975. As they did with Marvin and Stevie, Bob and the Wailers shared the stage with the Jackson 5 at Jamaica’s National Stadium for a massive stage show that was the talk of Jamaica.