Who got highest package in NSIT?

Who got highest package in NSIT?

The highest package goes around 45 LPA and the lowest package is around 6 LPA. Top recruiting companies Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Qualcomm, etc. 100% of the students get internships from companies like Qualcomm, Honda, Birla, Google, Hero etc. Infrastructure: The infrastructure is really good.

Is NSIT a good college?

It is a good college, but the administration department is very strict. Placements: The college has 100% placement record. The highest package offered is 1.25 Crore per annum, and the lowest package is 4 LPA, and the average package is around 12-15 LPA. The top recruiter is Goldman Sachs.

What rank is required for NSIT?

In order to seek BTech admission in NSUT Dwarka, for top specialisation, candidates need to possess a rank between 800-3000. However, for not-so-popular specialisations, candidates lying within the rank range of 3500-15000 can also get admission.

Is NSIT better than IIIT?

For candidates who are interested in research, innovation, and higher studies, IIIT Delhi is definitely a better choice among the three. But students, who are interested in placement, infrastructure, and college life, should prefer NSIT or DTU for an engineering degree.

Does Google Hire from NSIT?

Some of the prominent industrial organizations in which NSUT Students have completed Internships include Microsoft, Amazon, Texas Instrument, Google, Qualcomm, Cisco, Hero Moto Corp, etc.

Is nsit a Tier 1 college?

Tier-1.5: DTU/NSIT/PEC.

Is DTU better than nsit?

Look both DTU & NSIT are equally good in different fields. DTU is much better in terms of infrastructure, and has core branches like electrical, mechanical, it also has Ac classrooms. Nsit classes do not have ACs, nsit has opened the mechanical branch 5 years back and only a few batch has yet passed out .

Can I get nsit with 99 percentile?

Assuming that you belong to general category considering the previous year cut off you need to score 98.5-99 percentile to secure admission in NSUT. For that you need to score minimum 210 marks or above in JEE Main.

Is DTU better than NSIT?

Is NSIT better than IIT Delhi?

As NSIT is an A grade institute while the old IITs are A+ grade institute and also some newer IITs are A grade also. NITs are mostly A grade institute. So if you are getting old IITs, then go for IIT, and in case of new IITs, if you are fond of IIT tag, otherwise NSIT is also good.

Does Microsoft visit NSUT?

Is DTU better than NIT Trichy?

DTU, and NIT Trichy both are quite popular. But the NIT tag will offer you better opportunities. NIT Trichy is constantly ranked among top NITs and offers academics at a similar level to most IITs….Comments.

Categories NIT Trichy DTU
Placement Percentage 90% 80-90%
Highest CTC 21 LPA 24 LPA
Average CTC 8-10 LPA 9 LPA

Is there girls quota in nsit?

ANSWER (1) Yes, NSIT provides reservation to a single girl child. JAC Delhi Reservation Criteria 2020 for single Girl child (SG) only at DTU, NSUT and IGDTUW: One seat in each branch of the normal intake will be reserved for single girl child candidates.

Is NSUT private?

Previously NSUT is an Autonomous Institution under Govt. of NCT of Delhi and affiliated to University of Delhi, Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology is a seat of higher technical education in India.

Is NSIT strict?

The rules and regulations at NSIT are very strict. There are records of freshers’ welcome being canceled and fests organized at the last minute at NSIT. DTU administration has a more chilled approach.

Is NSIT private?

Can I get nsit with 95 percentile OBC?

No, chance of getting admission for CSE in DTU or in NSIT, Delhi at this percentile even from OBC. Both are very good colleges and need percentile atleast above 92.