Who are the characters in Into the Woods?

Who are the characters in Into the Woods?

Big Bad WolfJohnny DeppCinderellaAnna KendrickThe Baker’s WifeEmily BluntLittle Red Riding HoodLilla CrawfordThe WitchMeryl StreepRapunzel’s PrinceBilly Magnussen
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Who is the female lead Into the Woods?


List of awards and nominations
Award Date of ceremony Recipient(s)
Golden Globe Awards January 11, 2015 Into the Woods
Emily Blunt
Meryl Streep

Who is Florinda in Into the Woods?

Tammy Blanchard
Into the Woods (2014) – Tammy Blanchard as Florinda – IMDb.

Who are the characters in Into the Woods Jr?


  • Narrator Jazlynn Damasco & Bella Swope.
  • Baker Finnegan Clisham.
  • Baker’s Wife Anna Koth.
  • Cinderella Olivia Pratt.
  • Rapunzel Allison Watson.
  • Witch Lyda Armistead.
  • Cinderella’s Stepmother Kiera Crouch.
  • Cinderella’s Father Matt Huisman.

Who is steward Into the Woods?

Richard Glover
Into the Woods (2014) – Richard Glover as Steward – IMDb.

Who is the mystery man in Into the Woods?

In Sondheim’s original musical, the action is narrated by the Mysterious Man, who turns out to be the Baker’s father and the author of many of the characters’ misery. Early in the musical (and the movie), we learn that in order to gratify his wife’s pregnancy craving for lettuce greens, he robbed the witch’s garden.

Who is Steward in Into the Woods?

What does the mysterious man say into the woods?

“Trouble is, son, the farther you run, / The more you’ll feel undefined. / For what you have left undone, and more, / What you’ve left behind,” the Mysterious Man tells the Baker, warning him that running away and giving himself up to the grief he feels over his wife’s betrayal and death will only produce more regrets.

How many lines does Steward have in Into the Woods?

7 lines
Steward (7 lines) and a little singing in #34 Finale Part 3 This servant to Cinderella’s Prince is a nice featured role. He has a few lines, both sung and spoken. This is a great part for an actor ready to gain some experience in an ensemble show.

What does the mysterious man say Into the Woods?