Which is the best Thalictrum?

Which is the best Thalictrum?

We pick some of our favourite thalictrums to grow, below.

  • Thalictrum flavum.
  • Thalictrum tuberiferum.
  • Thalictrum aquilegiifolium.
  • Thalictrum delavayi.
  • Thalictrum kiusianum.
  • Thalictrum minus.
  • Thalictrum filamentosum.
  • Thalictrum ichangense.

Is meadow rue invasive?

Thalictrum’s seeds are propagated only by wind and insects. The flowers contain no nectar-producing structures. This gives Meadow Rue the reputation of not being an invasive perennial. Most seedlings tend to be white but they are known to surprise a gardener.

Do I need to stake Thalictrum?

How to care for Thalictrum. Particularly tall varieties will need staking if positioned in an exposed area. Thalictrum are low maintenance plants once established. Lightly fertile and mulch your plants during the spring to help maintain moisture and suppress weeds.

How do you take care of Thalictrum black stockings?

Thrives in rich, medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun or part shade. Intolerant of hot and humid summers. Dappled shade is preferred. Keep soil moist but not soggy.

How fast does Thalictrum grow?

Germination of Thalictrum species is a little hit and miss, and may take from two weeks to two years.

When should a Thalictrum be planted?


Official Plant Name Thalictrum
Flowers Panicles or racemes of small flowers with showy stamens
When To Sow March, April
Flowering Months May, June, July, August
Deadheading Months May

Should meadow rue be cut back?

The meadow rue doesn’t require any pruning to keep it healthy. But, if you want to better control the plant, you can cut off the stems after they have flowered. As a perennial, stems will grow back the next spring.

When should I cut back Thalictrum?

Thalictrum can be cut back after flowering or delayed until the late winter/early spring as the foliage and seed heads remain attractive. I leave the seed heads and usually I am rewarded by seeing small birds perched on them. Thalictrum can self seed but not so much as to be invasive and is trouble free.

When should Thalictrums be cut back?

Where do thalictrum black stockings grow?

Thalictrum ‘Black Stockings’

  • Position: full sun or lightly dappled shade.
  • Soil: fertile, moist soil.
  • Rate of growth: average.
  • Flowering period: June to July.
  • Hardiness: fully hardy.
  • Garden care: May need supporting with brushwood or garden canes.

Should I cut back Thalictrum after flowering?

Thalictrums are very low-maintenance, apart from requiring staking for taller varieties. Cut down the stems after flowering, but be careful when pruning as the sap can irritate the skin.

How quickly does Thalictrum grow?

Germination can be unpredictable and takes anywhere between two weeks and two years to occur. If planting from divided plants, space the specimens at a remove of 15cm (for dwarf varieties) and 90cm (for tall varieties) from one another and plant them in the spring.

When should I cut my Thalictrum?

Thalictrum can be cut back after flowering or delayed until the late winter/early spring as the foliage and seed heads remain attractive.

What do you do with Thalictrums after flowering?

Can you take cuttings of Thalictrum?

It is possible to propagate Thalictrum by seed or by division during the spring. You can find more information on how to propagate plants by clicking here. You can view our entire range of Thalictrum by clicking here.

What is a black stocking plant?

Plant number: 1.513. Meadow-rue has beautiful, lacy foliage a little bit like a Columbine or Maidenhair Fern in effect. This selection produces rather tall clumps, with near-black stems that bear huge clusters of bright lavender-magenta flowers in midsummer. Makes an unusual cut flower.

Can you take cuttings from Thalictrum?

Do I prune thalictrum?