Where do I pay my property taxes in Granville County?

Where do I pay my property taxes in Granville County?

Payment Options In addition to in-person and mail-in payments, taxpayers may opt for the convenience of paying with a credit card by calling (866) 340-5980 or accessing online payments at https://tax.granvillecounty.org/ITSPublic.

What is Granville County property tax rate?

North Carolina Property Tax Rates

County Median Home Value Average Effective Property Tax Rate
Granville $149,400 0.92%
Greene $85,900 1.00%
Guilford $162,400 1.09%
Halifax $86,100 1.12%

What county is Creedmoor NC in?

Granville CountyCreedmoor / County

How do I pay my NC property taxes online?

Taxpayers may pay their tax by using a credit/debit card (Visa/MasterCard) or bank draft via our online payment system , or by contacting an agent at 1-877-252-3252. Taxpayers may also pay their tax with a personal check, money order or cashier’s check.

What is Granville County NC known for?

Civil War to present. During the Civil War, more than 2,000 men from Granville County served the Confederacy. One company was known as the “Granville Grays.” Most in these men fought in the major battles of the war. Surprisingly, many survived until the end of the war.

Is Granville County NC Rural?

Granville County is a rural county in North Carolina, but its proximity to the Research Triangle area has led to recent population growth and access to amenities and resources not often observed in rural communities.

What is Creedmoor NC known for?

At one time, Creedmoor was considered to be the largest mule trading center in the world and was known far and wide as the “Mule Town”. It was not until the mid-nineteen fifties that the town removed the slogan “One of the Largest Retail Livestock Markets in North Carolina” from its official letterhead.

Is Creedmoor NC A good place to live?

Overall its a safe place for anyone. It’s a beautiful, peaceful, and friendly place to live in. I currently go to school in Creedmoor and I absolutely love it! The town is small and there isn’t much city life but if you are a “small town” person, then this is the town for you.

How do I find my NC property tax bill?

For information regarding your property tax bill (real property and motor vehicles), contact your local property tax office (county telephone numbers).