Where are all the secret weapons in RDR 2 online?

Where are all the secret weapons in RDR 2 online?

Red Dead 2 Guide To Secret Weapons and Guns You Might’ve Missed

  • Lost And Legendary Arms.
  • Firearm: Flaco’s Revolver.
  • Location: Flaco’s Revolver.
  • Firearm: Granger’s Revolver.
  • Location: Granger’s Revolver.
  • Pistol: Midnight’s Pistol.
  • Location: Midnight’s Pistol.
  • Shotgun: Rare Shotgun.

What is the strongest weapon in RDR 2 online?

the Bolt-Action Rifle
Slow to fire but packing deadly power, the Bolt-Action Rifle is the most powerful weapon you can buy within your first few hours with Red Dead Online. Super accurate and lethal at range, this gun is perfect for those who like to dish out death from a distance.

Where can I find free weapons in RDR 2?

The trick is to wait a day or so, then head for the gunsmith store in Valentine. You’ll find your bowl-cut friend sitting on the porch in the store. Talk to him, and he’ll tell you that you can have anything in the store on his tab. Walk into the store, and browse the catalog to see that all the weapons are free.

Is the elephant rifle worth it RDR 2 online?

Is the Elephant Rifle worth it? The Elephant Rifle is well worth it if you’re planning on unlocking the many unique Garment Sets that Gus MacMillan will provide you for bringing back Legendary Animal pelts. It is the most powerful gun in the game, so it’ll take down massive bears and elk in a few careful shots.

What is the rarest gun in RDR 2?

Calloway’s Revolver It’s a silver Schofield Revolver that has “Canis Canem Edit” engraved on the side of the barrel, which is also latin for “Dog Eat Dog” and just so happens to be what Rockstar Vancouver’s ‘Bully’ was called in countries outside of the United States.

Is the elephant rifle worth it rdr2 online?

Can you get a sword in RDR 2?

To find the Broken Pirate Sword you’ll want to head to Saint Denis. Look out from the long train bridge to the southwest towards a small cluster of islands. You’ll find the sword in a boat on this cluster of islands. You’re going to be looking for a dilapidated boat.

Is the rare shotgun good?

Red Dead Redemption 2 Rare Shotgun is a Shotgun Weapon Type, which is ideal for hunting and Animals. This weapons best stats are Rate of Fire 2.5/4 (Best) and Rate of Fire 2.5/4 (Good) and its lowest stats being Accuracy 1.2/4 (Weak).

What is the rarest gun in rdr2?

How do you get Micah’s gun?

By taking the lead in the beginning of the mission, then disarming one of Colm O’Driscoll’s men twice and then by leading the enemy NPC all the way to where Micah is fighting, the O’Driscoll will disarm Micah, causing him to drop one of his revolvers.

What weapon is in Fort Brennand?

Civil War Knife
Civil War Knife The Civil War Knife is an old Bowie knife that’s covered in rust and features a gigantic D-shaped handguard. It was commonly used by Civil War soldiers and can be found alongside a Civil War Hat in the basement of Fort Brennand, which is just southwest of the Van Horn Trading Post.

How do you get the M1899 Pistol in rdr2 online?

It’s an exclusive weapon only available in Story Mode of Red Dead Redemption 2. To unlock the M1899 Pistol, you must first complete of the mission “The Battle of Shady Belle”. Only stocked by the best gunsmith in Saint Denis, the M1899 by Peeters & Janssens is a thoroughly modern sidearm.

Where can I find the sword in RDR2?

This unique Red Dead Redemption 2 sword is found in a wrecked boat at the location marked above. Watch out for Alligators and look for it on a small island near a dead tree. You should also see a skeleton in the same boat. At this location on our map, you should find a cabin partially sunk into the mud.

Where do you get the wide blade knife in RDR2?

The Wide-Blade Knife isn’t different from the Hunting Knife, only featuring some aesthetic differences. It’s found inside Beryl’s Dream Mine, located to the west of Mount Shann. The Algernon’s Revolver is one of the unique weapons found in Red Dead Redemption 2 and, as such, it cannot be customized.

How do you get the Algernon’s revolver in RDR2?

Algernon’s Revolver The Algernon’s Revolver is one of the unique weapons found in Red Dead Redemption 2 and, as such, it cannot be customized. The weapon is obtained automatically by completing the “Duchess and Other Animals” mission.

Where to find the antler knife in RDR2?

The RDR2 Antler Knife can be found on the body of a stranger killed by a large Grizzly Bear. Check the location on our map and you should find the bear in an area surrounded by partially damaged trees. Notice the claw marks on the said trees. Fairly easy to find, this unique item is the second part of the Otis Miller’s Treasure Map.