What year did Saku Koivu retire?

What year did Saku Koivu retire?

2014Saku Koivu / Career end

What does the H in the Canadiens logo mean?

The ‘H’ in the logo does not stand for Habs or Habitants, and it never has. It stands for hockey. The crest was changed to represent the new team name: Le club de Hockey Canadien. It’s a lot like today’s. The design is simply cruder.

Who wore number 11 for the Montreal Canadiens?

Also to wear #11: Joe Benoit, Henry Cameron, Billy Cameron, Ted Campeau, Dave Creighton, Fred Doherty, Gord Fraser, Ray Getliffe, Scott Gomez, Bob Gracie, Hyacinthe Guevermont, Wayne Hicks, Roland Lafleur, Doug Lewis, Joe Maltais, Jack McDonald, Harold McNamara, Reg Noble, George Pargeter, George Patterson, Jules …

Is Saku Koivu married?

Hanna KoivuSaku Koivu / Spouse (m. 2002)

Why was Saku Koivu traded?

The Minnesota Wild made a strong move for Koivu in a bid to have him become teammates with his brother, Mikko. But in the end, Saku didn’t want to jeopardize the relationship he had with his sibling.

Who wore #13 for Montreal Canadiens?

13 – Mike Cammalleri Cammalleri had two productive seasons, but he will be best known for his playoff performances, in 2010 where he scored 13 goals in 19 games before the Habs bowed out to the Philadelphia Flyers and in 2011 where he had 10 points in seven games.

Who wore 22 for the Habs?


NO Player HT
22 C. Caufield Canadiens’ Cole Caufield: Hats off in season finale Cole Caufield Canadiens’ Cole Caufield: Hats off in season finale 5-7
11 B. Gallagher 5-9
55 M. Pezzetta 6-1
24 T. Pitlick 6-2

Is Niko Koivu married?

Koivu married Helena Koivu (née Kipper) in the summer of 2014. They have one daughter and two sons together. The pair divorced in 2020.

What is the Montreal Canadiens nickname?

the Habs
The Canadiens are one of the most successful sports teams in North America. Although the team has been fondly known as the Habs for nearly 100 years, the Canadiens did not have a mascot until the 2004 NHL season when they adopted Youppi! as their official mascot.

Who has the best NHL logo?

Boston Bruins Their logo and overall history is classic, and among the greatest in league history. The Bruins also have a solid history of secondary logos to go along with the main one. They had brown and gold as their color scheme from 1924 to 1934 and had an actual mascot “bruin” until 1932.