What weight is a Honda Deauville 700?

What weight is a Honda Deauville 700?


NT650V NT700V
Fuel capacity 19 litres (4.2 imp gal; 5.0 US gal) including 3.5 litre reserve 19.7 litres (4.3 imp gal; 5.2 US gal)
Brakes Front: 296 mm dual disc Rear: 276mm single disc Front: 296 mm dual disc Rear: 276 mm single disc Optional ABS
Dry weight 233 kg (514 lb) 236 kg (520 lb)

What CC is a Honda Deauville?

The Honda NT650V Deauville is a touring style bike with shaft drive and is powered by a liquid cooled 647 cc 52° V-Twin four stroke engine, producing 55 bhp at 7,750 rpm and maximum torque at 6,250 rpm.

Is a Honda Deauville automatic?

It looks set to be powered by the Africa Twin’s 998cc parallel twin engine, with the option of Honda’s DCT semi-automatic transmission, which is fitting as the original NT650V debuted on the first generation Africa Twin.

What’s the top speed of a Honda Deauville 650?

Honda NT650V Deauville (1998-2006): Spec

Original price £5,849
Power 55bhp (40.9kW) @ 7,750rpm
Torque 41lb-ft (55Nm) @ 8,250rpm
Top speed 105mph (est)
Transmission 5 speed, shaft final drive

How much does a Honda NT700V weight?

571 pounds
2010 Honda NT700V – Specifications

Model: NT700V / NT700VA ABS
Seat Height: 31.7 inches
Fuel Capacity: 5.2 gallons, including 0.9-gallon reserve
Colors: NT700V: Metallic Red, Metallic Silver NT700VA ABS: Metallic Silver
Curb Weight*: 566 pounds (NT700V) / 571 pounds (NT700VA ABS)

Is the Honda NT700V fuel injected?

The NT700V is a new entry-level sport-touring bike for the U.S., but that doesn’t mean it’s actually new. For several years, Honda has sold this bike in Europe as the Deauville. At the heart of this 571-pound motorcycle is a 680-cc 52-degree V-twin with fuel injection.

Do you have to shift an automatic motorcycle?

Automatic Motorcycle Pros The bike comes with a built-in computer that automatically shifts gears and the clutch based on riding conditions. Most automatic makes and models use a dual-clutch system for a smoother ride. If you’re new to riding a motorcycle, this is the style for you.