What is ViewData in Razor?

What is ViewData in Razor?

ViewData is a container for data to be passed from the PageModel to the content page. ViewData is a dictionary of objects with a string-based key. You add items to ViewData as follows: public class IndexModel : PageModel.

Where ViewData is stored in MVC?

ViewBag and ViewData are part of state management. They are both objects that allow passing of data (mainly) from the Controller to the View. This happens entirely on the server side but the idea that the data is “stored” on the server is misleading.

What is the difference between ViewBag and ViewData and TempData in MVC?

To summarize, ViewBag and ViewData are used to pass the data from Controller action to View and TempData is used to pass the data from action to another action or one Controller to another Controller.

What is the difference between View and ViewData is asp net?

ViewData and ViewBag are used for the same purpose — to transfer data from controller to view. ViewData is nothing but a dictionary of objects and it is accessible by string as key. ViewData is a property of controller that exposes an instance of the ViewDataDictionary class.

When should we use ViewData in MVC?

All three objects are available as properties of both the view and controller. As a rule of thumb, you’ll use the ViewData, ViewBag, and TempData objects for the purposes of transporting small amounts of data from and to specific locations (e.g., controller to view or between views).

Which is better ViewData or ViewBag?

ViewBag, ViewData, and TempData all are objects in ASP.NET MVC and these are used to pass the data in various scenarios….Introductions.

ViewData ViewBag TempData
ViewData is Faster than ViewBag ViewBag is slower than ViewData NA

Which one is better ViewBag or ViewData?

We have three options: ViewData, ViewBag, and TeampData for passing data from controller to view and in the next request….ViewData VS ViewBag VS TempData.

ViewData ViewBag TempData
ViewData is Faster than ViewBag ViewBag is slower than ViewData NA

What is Viewdata in MVC framework?

So we can say that the ViewData in ASP.NET MVC Framework is a dictionary object. As it is a dictionary object, so it is going to store the data in the form of key-value pairs where each key must be a string and the value that we are passing to the dictionary is going to be stored in the form of an object type.

What is difference between Viewdata and viewbag in MVC?

In ASP.NET MVC, ViewData is similar to ViewBag, which transfers data from Controller to View. ViewData is of Dictionary type, whereas ViewBag is of dynamic type. However, both store data in the same dictionary internally.

Do I need to typecast the Viewdata to string type?

The most important point that you need to remember is, as it stores the data in the form of an object, so while retrieving the data from ViewData type casting is required. If you are accessing string data from the ViewData, then it is not required to typecast the ViewData to string type.

Does Viewdata in MVC have compile time error checking?

The ViewData in MVC is resolved dynamically at runtime. As a result, it does not provide compile-time error checking as well as we will not get the intelligence support. For example, if we miss-spell the key names then we wouldn’t get any compile-time error rather we came to know the error at runtime.