What is the strongest special attacker in Pokemon?

What is the strongest special attacker in Pokemon?

The 18 Pokemon With The Highest Special Attack Power

  1. 1 Deoxys (180) Going by Pokemon FireRed, Deoxys can fool its enemies by altering its appearance.
  2. 2 Xurkitree (173)
  3. 3 Hoopa (170)
  4. 4 Calyrex (165)
  5. 5 Mewtwo (154)
  6. 6 Blacephalon (151)
  7. 7 Dialga (150)
  8. 8 Palkia (150)

What Pokemon types are special attackers?

10 Fighting-Type Pokémon That Can Actually Work As Special…

  • 6 Blaziken’s Base Special Attack Stat Is 110.
  • 7 Infernape’s Base Special Attack Is 104.
  • 8 Kommo-o’s Base Special Attack Is 100.
  • 9 Emboar’s Base Special Attack Stat Is 100.
  • 10 Cobalion’s Base Special Attack Stat Is 90.

What is a special attacker?

Each Pokemon is also categorized as either a Physical or Special Attacker, a designation that determines whether they use their Attack or Special Attack stat when calculating damage for their special attacks. All Pokemon use their Attack stats in some fashion.

Is attack or special attack better?

1 Both Stats Are Equally Powerful Each has its strengths, with lots of special attacks having additional unique effects and physical attacks often having greater damage capabilities. Very few Pokemon are equally powerful in both stats, so having some with each stat is important for having a well-rounded team.

Which Pokémon has the highest SP ATK stat?

The 15 Pokémon With The Highest Possible Special Attack Stat

  1. 1 Mega Mewtwo Y. And the final crown goes to the all-time top spot for special attack: Mega Mewtwo Y.
  2. 2 Primal Kyogre.
  3. 3 Mega Rayquaza.
  4. 4 Attack Form Deoxys.
  5. 5 Mega Alakazam.
  6. 6 Xurkitree.
  7. 7 Mega Gengar.
  8. 8 White Kyurem.

Is superior a special attacker?

Serperior’s ability to spam Leaf Storm and receive a Special Attack boost due to Contrary makes it a fantastic cleaner for offensively inclined teams that require its ability to handle various threats such as Tapu Bulu, Clefable, and Tapu Koko.

Is Pikachu a special attacker?

Pikachu is classified as an Attacker in Pokémon Unite, which means, while it can cause a lot of damage, it has low endurance. For this reason, when selecting Pikachu’s moveset it’s a good idea to focus on moves that cause both damage and utilises Pikachu’s ability to paralyze opponents.

Is Charizard a special attacker?

Charizard can primarily be used as a special attacker. Although his 109 Sp. Atk and 100 Speed may not seem that impressive, his large move pool and abilities allow him to become a serious threat!

How does special attack work in Pokemon?

Special Attack is the Base Stat that determines the special power of your Pokemon. Attacks like Flamethrower will rely on the Special Attack Stat for the damage it deals. Special Defense is the Base Stat that determines how much damage a Pokemon can resist from Special Attacks.

What Pokémon has highest HP?

20 Pokemon With The Highest HP

  1. 1 Eternatus – 255 HP. Type: Dragon/Poison.
  2. 2 Blissey – 255 HP. Type: Normal.
  3. 3 Chansey – 250 HP. Type: Normal.
  4. 4 Guzzlord – 223 HP. Type: Dark/Dragon.
  5. 5 Zygarde – 216 HP. Type: Dragon/Ground.
  6. 6 Regidrago – 200 HP. Type: Dragon.
  7. 7 Wobbuffet – 190 HP. Type: Psychic.
  8. 8 Wailord – 170 HP. Type: Water.

Why is Serperior so good?

Serperior is a solid Pokemon in NU for a few reasons. Thanks to its high Speed, Serperior can outpace and check common threats such as Charizard, Tauros, and Primeape, and its well-rounded stats and decent movepool allow it to function as an effective attacker and supporter.

Is Serperior a special attacker?

Serperior acts as a powerful sweeper thanks to its great Special Attack and Speed as well as its access to Contrary, which allows Serperior to boost its Special Attack by two stages every time it uses its strongest STAB move in Leaf Storm.

Is Raichu a special attacker?

Raichu is a decent wallbreaker with access to Nasty Plot, good coverage, and a high Special Attack. Raichu has excellent Speed that lets it outrun the majority of the PU tier, allowing it to revenge kill and clean up while still being able to wallbreak.

Is Greninja physical or special?

Greninja Stats At Level 15, Greninja will have 5400 HP, 250 Defense, 149 Special Defense for defensive stats, and 482 Attack, 117 Special Attack for offensive stats in Pokemon Unite.

Is Snivy a special attacker?

Snivy’s niche comes from the ability Contrary and the move Leaf Storm, which when paired together give Snivy a 130-Base Power move that also provides a +2 boost to its Special Attack, making it one of the best wallbreakers and the best offensive Grass-type Pokemon in Little Cup.