What is the so called MediaWiki?

What is the so called MediaWiki?

MediaWiki is a free software wiki package written in PHP, originally for use on Wikipedia. It is now used by several other projects of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation and by many other wikis, including this website. We use MediaWikis in several other projects, including writing-to-learn wikis in high schools.

How do I embed a Markdown in HTML?

As the rules state: For any markup that is not covered by Markdown’s syntax, you simply use HTML itself. There’s no need to preface it or delimit it to indicate that you’re switching from Markdown to HTML; you just use the tags.

How do I add a gallery to my infobox?

If it’s the default infobox then all you need to do is put the image link. The one that’s there when you click on a photo/image. Change the Image. PNG to whatever picture you want to use, and make sure you type the link exactly how it’s shown!

How do you put a youtube video on a fandom?

To add a video, you can visit Special:NewFiles, which is your wiki’s “gallery of new files”. Click on the “Add video” button at the top of the page, which will display a pop-up window where you can add the URL of your video. Click on “Add” and the page will soon let you know if the upload worked.

Is MediaWiki opensource?

MediaWiki is the free open-source wiki software used to power Wikipedia and thousands of other wikis. The contributions of hundreds of individual developers have helped make it a feature-rich, secure and scalable platform capable of powering some of the largest collaboratively edited reference projects in the world.

Can you make a private fandom?

What I meant by “private” is that wikis can’t be private on Fandom. Any wiki created on Fandom is publicly viewable by anyone on the internet. Only few wikis are actually private, and they’re used mainly for Staff to test new features and communicate with their team of volunteers.

How good is world anvil?

It has much of the same worldbuilding capability, and can be pretty advanced. However, this is a platform primarily built for tabletop gamers and Game Masters. It is not a tool best suited for writers, so if you are an author, I would recommend World Anvil over this particular platform.