What is the route for the Two Oceans Marathon?

What is the route for the Two Oceans Marathon?

Route Info There is a dog leg of about 300m turning left from Southern Cross Drive into Rhodes Drive. Run facing Constantia Nek for +-150meters then turn around on Rhodes Drive, running back facing Newlands. Enter UCT at Southern end of Rugby grounds. Finish on Rugby fields.

Where is the start of the Two Oceans Half Marathon?

Main Road Rondebosch
The Start – Main Road Rondebosch The Half Marathon splits off towards Edinburgh Drive, and Protea and Paradise Roads are usually lined with local residents enjoying their morning coffee while shouting words of encouragement.

Do you need to qualify for the Two Oceans Marathon?

As an entrant, you must have run a qualifying marathon or a longer distance in the specified times. In other words, you must run a qualifier.

What time does the 2 Oceans marathon start?

25km, Sun Valley: 8.40 AM.

What time does the Two Oceans Marathon finish?

The official cut-off time at the finish line is 10.10, regardless of your batch start time. There is a cut-off at 18km. Cut-off time: 9.35 AM. If you’re not able to walk an average of 9.0 minutes per km are strongly discouraged from entering.

How long do you have to complete the two oceans?

Ultramarathon. The race is run from mat to mat. Cut-off is at 7 hours. If you do not reach the cut-off points within the required time (7.5 min per km), you will be asked to retire from the Race and leave the road.

How do you prepare for the Two Oceans Marathon?

Pack out everything you need on Friday afternoon – EVERYTHING! You don’t want to have to search for things on Saturday morning at 4am. Be sure to eat “tried and tested” foods! The day before the event, rather steer clear of salads and vegetables as too much fibre may result in gastric upsets on the day.

How many people enter the Two Oceans Marathon?

These 16 000 runners will get to experience the new route over Edinburgh Drive, and be a part of the biggest half marathon in the country and in Africa.

How old should you be to run a half-marathon?

NYRR Age Policy for Running Events

Race Distance Minimum Age Suggested Maximum Frequency
8K / 5 miles 8 3 times per year until age 15
10K / 7 miles 12 3 times per year until age 15
15K / 10 miles 16 2 times per year until age 17
Half-marathon 16 1 time per year until age 18

How do you pay for the Two Oceans Marathon?

  1. Both the Ultra and Half Marathon TOM 2022 entries will go via the ballot/draw system.
  2. You will not be able to enter and pay.
  3. You will have several days in which to put your name into the draw/ballot/lottery.
  4. During this period, you cannot pay for your entry.

Where will the 51st Two Oceans Marathon be held?

The 51st Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon will remain on the traditional route via Chapman’s Peak, Hout Bay and Constantia Nek (unless deemed unsafe by authorities in which case the Ou Kaapse Weg route (prior to 2004) will be used).

What is Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon?

Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon is a 56 km / 35 mile ultra marathon held annually in Cape Town, South Africa on the Saturday of the Easter weekend.

What is the Two Oceans Marathon in South Africa?

The Two Oceans Marathon is a jewel event on the Western Cape annual event calendar, generating up to R672 million annually towards the local economy. As such, it is Africa’s biggest running event.

What is the route guide for the Two Oceans Ultra?

This is a guide to the Two Oceans Ultra and Half-Marathons, which I’ve been able to put together with a great team from adidas South Africa. The purpose of the Route Guide is to give you a view of what lies ahead of you on race day, now only 21 days away on the 19th April.