What is the Planet Eclipse Etha?

What is the Planet Eclipse Etha?

The Eclipse Etha2 The original Etha was developed specifically to allow access to the Eclipse marker range by those on a budget. It was robust and reliable, solidly constructed and has provided years of honest service for thousands of players around the world.

When did the Etha 2 come out?

The official launch will be February 2017 and more information will be released then.

How long is the Etha 2 barrel?

The Etha2 is a versatile high-end marker from Planet Eclipse at a low price. Technical Data: Weight: 997g / 2.2lb Including Barrel, Batteries, Feed Tube, POPS. Length: 555mm (21.85”) Including 2-Piece Shaft FL Barrel.

Is Etha 2 a good gun?

Yes there is a lack of colors, but planet eclipse makes up for it by putting the gamma core in it. P.s. the gamma core is rock solid and is what skyrocketed the etha 2 to become a extremely reliable gun, even over other comparable markers.

What caliber is the Etha 2?

50 Caliber
50 Caliber Etha 2 (PAL Enabled) Paintball Gun – HDE Earth.

When did planet eclipse start?

The inception of the Eblade around 2002 (an electronic upgrade for the autococker) saw the birth of a new era for Paintball Planet due to its un-stoppable presence we quickly built a name for quality and reliability a value that we cherish today above all else.

How do you adjust Etha 2 velocity?

Insert a 1/8 hex key A into the velocity adjuster screw B to alter the velocity of the ETHA2. Turn the hex key clockwise to reduce velocity. Turn the hex key counter-clockwise to increase velocity. Fire two clearing shots after each velocity adjustment for an accurate velocity reading.

Is the Etha 2 68 caliber?

68 Caliber Paintball Gun Marker Pal HDE Earth.

What does bps stand for in paintball?

BPS (Balls Per Second) the number of Paintballs fired in 1 second.

What does a solenoid do in a paintball gun?

An electropneumatic paintball marker is a paintball marker that uses a pneumatic solenoid to actuate the hammer and/or bolt’s movement.

How does the Planet Eclipse ETHA work?

If you’ve seen or used Planet Eclipse’s E-tek marker, you’ll find that the Etha is fairly similar. Let’s take a look at what the Etha is all about. The Etha makes use of a spring return to send the bolt back into position after paint balls are fired. This engineering approach makes the pneumatic operation of the gun quite simple.

What makes the etha3m so special?

And now, the Etha3M offers players a sleek, fresh approach to ergonomics with a host of notable performance upgrades. Its quick-release bolt assembly makes a huge difference to accessibility and maintenance which is typically found on much more expensive marker platforms. The aluminium low-rise feedneck reduces the overall profile of the marker.

What is PAL enabled etha2?

PAL Enabled. The Etha2 gave players an incredible level of performance for its price point and now, with the introduction of the PAL Enabled Etha2, those same players can enjoy the benefits of high performance coupled with the battery-free PAL Loader System. Same incredible performance without the need for force-fed loader systems.

Is it time for the etha2 to evolve?

As the Etha evolved into the Etha2, it’s now time for the Etha2 to evolve. To not only be reliable, but also refined. Not just robust, but feature-packed.