What is the main reason behind the unique shape of the Leadenhall Building?

What is the main reason behind the unique shape of the Leadenhall Building?

The distinctive tapered shape (1) offers the best balance between preserving the view of St Paul’s dome from the west, providing flexible office space and fitting the City planners’ vision for the eastern cluster.

How much did the Leadenhall building cost?

122 Leadenhall Street, also known as the Leadenhall Building, is a 225-metre-tall (738 ft) skyscraper in central London….

122 Leadenhall Street
Cost £1.15 billion
Owner C C Land
Roof 225 metres (738 ft)

Who owns Leadenhall Building?

British Land and Oxford Properties owned The Leadenhall Building in a 50/50 joint venture formed in 2010. The headline price achieved of £1.15 billion represents a premium to the valuation preceeding exchange of contracts.

Who built the Leadenhall Building?

Richard RogersGraham Stirk
The Leadenhall Building/Architects

How many floors does Leadenhall building have?

52The Leadenhall Building / Floors

How tall is the Leadenhall Building?

735′The Leadenhall Building / Height

How much is the Cheesegrater worth?

The “Cheesegrater”, the tallest building in the City of London, has been sold to a Chinese property tycoon for £1.15bn, the second-biggest ever sale of a UK building.

Can you visit the Leadenhall Building?

The Leadenhall Building, aka ‘The Cheesegrater’ is based at 122 Leadenhall Street and is home to property developers and insurance firms, but visitors can take in its 30m high atrium forming an enclosed public space with shops, cafes and restaurants.

How old is the Leadenhall Building?

8The Leadenhall Building / Age (c. 2014)

What businesses are in the Leadenhall Building?

Use the directory to find out who your neighbours are.

  • Level.
  • MS Amlin. MS Amlin is a leading independent insurer operating in the Lloyd’s, UK, continental Europe and Bermudian markets.
  • Affinity.
  • Aegon.
  • Landing 42.
  • FM Global.
  • Brit Insurance.
  • Brit Insurance.

Can you go up the Leadenhall Building?

With a height of 737ft and 47 floors to ascend, the views from the top of the Leadenhall Building are rather spectacular. You can now look inside the striking structure in the City of London – dubbed the ‘Cheesegrater’ for its distinctive shape.

What companies are in the Cheesegrater?

Ipsoft (Floor 31) Servcorp (Floor 30) TBC (Floors 28-29) Kames Capital (Floor 26) Rothesay Life (Floor 25) Amlin (Floors 19-24) With its offices on floors 19 to 24, insurer Amlin takes up one fifth of the total office space at the Leadenhall building.

What businesses are in the Leadenhall building?