What is the film The Best of Me about?

What is the film The Best of Me about?

Amanda (Michelle Monaghan) and Dawson (James Marsden) were once high-school sweethearts. They have a bittersweet reunion when they return to their hometown for the funeral of a mutual, beloved friend. Seeing each other again after 20 years apart reignites the love they’ve never forgotten, but Amanda and Dawson soon discover that the forces that drove them apart when they were younger pose even more threats today. Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks.The Best of Me / Film synopsis

Where can I see The Best of Me movie?

Watch The Best of Me | Netflix.

What movie is The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks?

The Best of Me is a 2014 American romantic drama film directed by Michael Hoffman and written by Will Fetters and J. Mills Goodloe, based on Nicholas Sparks’ 2011 novel of the same name. The film stars James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan with Luke Bracey and Liana Liberato.

Where was movie best of me filmed?

According to a report by Nola, The Best Of Me filming location is set in Pearl River, Louisiana, USA. Some parts of the filming of The Best Of Me took place at the Pearl River in Louisiana. The town’s natural beauty is depicted very well in the film. The location also has a river and sandy beaches.

Are there two endings to the movie The Best of Me?

There are two endings to the movie, in the alternative ending Dawson is killed by Abee and Jared is given his heart when he needs a transplant after the accident. In the other ending Amanda writes Dawson a letter explaining about Jared’s accident and that he needs her during his long recovery.

What is The Best of Me on Netflix?

Sparks fly between former high school flames when they return home for a funeral, but painful memories may keep them from having a future together. Watch all you want. “The Best of Me” is based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, author of “The Notebook” and “A Walk to Remember.”

Does Netflix have the movie The Best of Me?

What year is The Best of Me set in?

In the spring of 1984, high school students Amanda Collier and Dawson Cole fell deeply, irrevocably in love. Though they were from opposite sides of the tracks, their love for one another seemed to defy the realities of life in the small town of Oriental, North Carolina.

What happens at the end of the best of me movie?

Is The Best of Me movie on Hulu?

Is The Best of Me on Hulu? The Best of Me is not available on Hulu. The streaming platform would be increasing subscription rates as follows: the standard, ad-supported version cost from $5.99 every month to $6.99.

Can you watch the best of me on Netflix?

Who is Dawson’s dad in the best of me?

father Tommy Cole
For this reason, Dawson lived an isolated life in his hometown. As a child, Dawson tries to stay within the boundaries of the law and is repeatedly beaten and abused by most of his family, more specifically his father Tommy Cole and two older cousins, Abee and Crazy Ted.

Are there two versions of best of me?

Is The Best of Me available on Netflix?

Is The Best of Me on Disney plus?

Is The Best of Me on Disney Plus? Sadly, Casablanca is not streaming on Disney Plus.