What is the drug wax called?

What is the drug wax called?

Getting its name due to its appearance, the marijuana concentrate is also known by other terms such as ear wax, butter and honeycomb. It is also called BHO, which stands for “butane hash oil” or “butane honey oil.” While the method of making wax is easy, it is very, very dangerous.

What is drug talk wax?

Also known as “ear wax,” or simply “wax,” this marijuana concentrate is more powerful. Far more powerful. Because it allegedly leads to a quicker, stronger high, wax is said to be the strongest form of marijuana on the market.

What are wax baggies used for?

Waxed paper bags are most often used as food packaging. They’re coated in paraffin wax during manufacturing, making them grease-proof and ideal for food that’s oily, greasy or covered in condiments. They’re also commonly used for industrial needs, protecting products that need moisture and pollutant protection.

What is the drug sandwich?

Sandwich Two layers of cocaine with a layer of heroin in the middle.

What is the difference between glassine and wax paper?

Glassine bags can be made from only glassine or as 2-ply Gourmet bags, which are offered in a variety of vibrant colors. Waxed bags, in comparison, are semi-transparent and coated with a paraffin wax. The wax coating makes the bag thicker and grease-proof.

What’s a glassine bag?

Glassine is a glossy, translucent paper made from wood pulp. It is curbside recyclable and naturally biodegradable, pH neutral, acid-free, and resistant to moisture, air, and grease, making it the best alternative to plastic packaging.

What is scrag drug?

SCRAG Drug Abbreviation. 1. SCRAG. Senior Civilian Representative of the Attorney Gemeral. Health, Care, Medication.

What is a glassine baggie?

Glassine bags and glassine envelopes are acid-free and pH neutral to protect photos, specimens and other important collections from grease, water, air, and moisture.

What is glassine used for?

Glassine sheets are often used for interleaving, inserting specific-sized sheets between delicate artwork, documents, books, or photos to protect from damage. Sheets are also used for windowing of envelopes and manufacturing fully translucent envelopes.

What is the difference between glassine paper and parchment paper?

Glassine (on its own) is not coated with wax, paraffin, silicone, or any other substance. Glassine is most often confused with wax paper and parchment paper. Parchment paper is a cellulose-based paper that also contains silicone. The silicone creates a heat resistance and non-stick surface.

What is a SCAG for a girl?

(slang, countable, pejorative) A woman of loose morals. noun. 1. 2.

What is SCAG drag?

Skag/Bear Drag – Skag or Bear Drag depending on who you speak to is a style of drag where the queens do not attempt to hide their male appearance. In Columbus Ohio it normally involves big burly men with facial hair dressing in drag with make up but they don’t shave their facial hair.

Is glassine paper toxic?

While it’s biodegradable, its manufacture employs the use of toxic chemicals to create it (including chemical baths to remove sulfur, bleach the film, and soften it). Best used for… baked goods, candies, protecting and decorating gift baskets.

What is the difference between Glassine paper and parchment paper?

Is wax paper same as parchment?

Wax paper also comes in a roll and has a similar look and feel to parchment paper, but does not perform the same way. Wax paper, alternately, is a paper that has been coated in a thin layer of paraffin wax, making it nonstick and water-resistant but NOT heat resistant.

Can I use wax paper instead of glassine?

Although it’s not the same as using glassine, I’ve used waxed paper for temporary storage and transport. What you have to do is make sure that you have the paper weighted down so that no rubing takes place. You really have to do this even with glassine.