What is the definition of motion capture?

What is the definition of motion capture?

Definition of motion capture : a technology for digitally recording specific movements of a person (such as an actor) and translating them into computer-animated images.

How does motion capture work?

Motion capture uses sensors placed on the skin to record a person’s movements and translate those into computer animation. The data gathered by the sensors are often used to animate digital characters in film, television, video games and other media.

What is magnetic motion capture?

Magnetic motion capture systems utilize sensors placed on the body to measure the low-frequency magnetic field generated by a transmitter source. The sensors and source are cabled to an electronic control unit that correlates their reported locations within the field.

What is motion capture vs animation?

Mocap or motion capture works differently. An actor is dressed in a skin tight suit with visual markers placed on specific parts of the body to track movement. A special camera records and tracks the movements of the markers and then animators apply those movements to 3D models using various software.

What do you need for motion capture?

Below is a quick list of software that you will need to perform the DIY Motion Capture project.

  1. iPi Recorder (free download)
  2. iPi Mocap Studio ( 1 month trail or purchase)
  3. Kinect one windows driver.
  4. Cinema 4D Studio.

Why do we need motion capture?

Motion capture can make the animation process much easier, especially when trying to recreate character animation that is realistic, such as the interaction of multiple 3D characters, or characters engaged in sports activities.

What is needed for motion capture?

A very basic motion capture setup requires a depth camera, a PC, and software that is compatible with the respective camera. This might come as a surprise, but the most costly part would probably be the software if you want production level quality out of the box.

What are the types of motion capture?

Types of motion capture

  • Optical-Passive. This technique uses retroreflective markers that are tracked by infrared cameras.
  • Optical-Active. This technique uses LED markers that emit light that are tracked by special cameras.
  • Video/Markerless.
  • Inertial.

Where has motion capture been used?

It’s been used for many purposes, from sports therapy, farming, and healthcare, to film and gaming. By mapping real-world movement on computer generated frames, motion capture allows for photorealistic dynamics in a virtual environment.

What is a motion capture volume?

The capture space is called the ‘Volume’. This is essentially a studio stage over which is mounted around approx 60 motion capture cameras which will capture every detail of the performance, translating it to a character avatar in real-time.