What is standard gobo size?

What is standard gobo size?

Standard Gobo Sizes
Letter Size OD IA
A 100mm 75mm
B 86mm 64.5mm
M 66mm 48mm

How thick is a gobo?

American DJ

American DJ back to top
Model Glass Diameter Notes
PinPoint Gobo 25.8 mm 1mm max thickness
Pocket Pro 18.4 mm 0.3mm max thickness
Roto Gobo 26 mm

How thick is a steel gobo?

This Rosco Nightsky Standard Steel Gobo 79005 Size M, has diameter of 2.6″ (66 mm), and features a starry, night sky with clouds.

How do you know what size gobo to get?

When discussing size, there are two numbers to consider: One is the outside diameter of the gobo, and the other is the inside width of the image. For example, a size-A gobo has an outside diameter of 86 mm, while the inside image has a maximum diameter of 64 mm.

Are all gobos the same size?

First of all, the gobo dimensions are determined by the gobo projector. There are hundreds of different projector models with hundreds of different gobo sizes. Even the max. gobo thickness can vary widely with some projectors only accepting thin metal gobos rather than thicker glass gobos.

What is the benefit of using gobos?

A GOBO, or an object that “goes before optics,” can help shape and define light to create drama or add interest to an image. They’re relatively easy to use and they open up new creative possibilities.

What metal are gobos made of?

Stainless Steel
Metal Gobo Features

Material .008 mil Stainless Steel
Color Black & White
Image/Process Vector/Laser-cut
Fixture2 Incandescent/LED

How do I order gobos?

For all your gobo and projector needs, please call us today at 1-800-905-7080 or email sales@thegobo.com.

What lights can you use gobos?

Gobos can often go into a variety of spotlight type of fixtures such as actual spotlights, lekos, moving lights, beam lights, etc.

How much does gobo lighting cost?

Quick Pricing Reference: Steel – $79 original – $40 each copy. Glass Black and White – $175 original – $85 each copy. Glass 1 Color – $175 original – $85 each copy.

What does gobos stand for?

goes before optics
A gobo is a piece of equipment or lighting tool that allows a person to project an image using light. The word gobo is an acronym derived from “goes before optics,” which alludes to it’s physical position on a fixture. It’s essentially a cap or template that sits in front of a light source.

Can you put gobo in any stage light?

NO, gobos can only be used in lighting fixtures that allow you to focus the beam of light. Primarily, the fixtures used for gobo projection are Ellipsoidal Reflector Spotlights, so named because they have a reflector that is shaped like a portion of an ellipse, wrapping around the lamp nearly 240 degrees.

How much are glass gobos?

Custom Gobo Pricing

One Color Glass Two Colors Glass Full Color (CMYK)
Original: US$169 (C$179) Duplicate: US$109 (C138) Original: US$269 (C$319) Duplicate: US$159 (C$199) Original: US$399 (C$505) Duplicate: US$259 (C$325)

Can you use gobo with a regular projector?

NO, gobos can only be used in lighting fixtures that allow you to focus the beam of light.

How long does it take to make a gobo?

They are solid pieces of layered glass. Glass gobos have a lead time of 2-5 business days depending on the complexity of design. -Steel gobos are stencils (holes cut out of a thin metal disc) and the manufacturer will sometimes need to alter a design slightly to make it into a stencil (particularly with lettering).

What is glass gobo?

A glass gobo is an incredible way to be able to project colorful images of great detail with a theatrical ellipsoidal (leko) or moving spot. A gobo (pattern) is simply a stencil that blocks or lets light through to make your image.