What is Scout Trained patch for?

What is Scout Trained patch for?

The BSA’s Trained patch sends a clear message to Scouts, fellow Scouters and parents. It says, “I know what I’m doing.” So which adult leaders are eligible to wear this badge of honor? It depends on which program you’re in, but there’s one place every adult leader must start: with Youth Protection Training.

Where does Trained patch go on Boy Scout uniform?

Left Sleeve Pocket
Scouts who take an official BSA Training Course receive the Trained Patch. This patch is placed centered below the Left Sleeve Pocket.

What is the Trained patch?

This Award is meant for Scouts BSA. Scouts and adults may earn the Trained Strip by completing required training for their position. The strip is worn centered directly below and touching the emblem of leadership for which it was earned on the left sleeve of the uniform.

What are Boy Scout patches called?

Merit badges are awards earned by members of the Boy Scouts of America, based on activities within the area of study by completing a list of periodically updated requirements.

What makes a Trained leader BSA?

Adult leaders in units are considered trained, and eligible to wear the official “Trained” emblem, once they have completed Youth Protection Training and the training courses outlined below, or have completed Youth Protection Training and a previous basic training course when it was current.

What is S11 training in BSA?

S24 Scoutmaster Specific Training. Assistant Scoutmaster (SA) Y01 Youth Protection Training. S11 Intro to Outdoor Leadership Skills. S24 Scoutmaster Specific Training.

Can you become an Eagle Scout after 18?

Men and women age 18 and older, properly approved by the council executive board to register beyond the age of eligibility, may apply for the Eagle Scout rank. Since they are considered youth members for as long as they are so registered, they do not need a time extension.

Does BALOO training expire?

These courses are required for to become registered leaders and must be retaken every two years to maintain registration.

How do you put Boy Scout patches on without sewing?

How Do You Put Patches on Without Sewing? As discussed above, you can put patches on your sash or uniform using cutout adhesive, double-stick iron-on sheets, or a hot glue gun.

Where does the scribe patch go?

The Scribe keeps the troop records, including dues, advancement, and Scout attendance at troop meetings. Worn on the left sleeve under troop numerals.