What is Jean Jean Jarre famous for?

What is Jean Jean Jarre famous for?

Jean-Michel André Jarre ( French: [ʒɑ̃ miʃɛl ɑ̃dʁe ʒaʁ]; born 24 August 1948) is a French composer, performer and record producer. He is a pioneer in the electronic, ambient and new-age genres, and known for organising outdoor spectacles featuring his music, vast laser displays and fireworks .

How many albums has Jean-Michel Jarre sold?

As of 2004, Jarre had sold an estimated 80 million albums. Jarre composed for movies and also participated in documentaries. ^ “Jean-Michel” is a single name, rather than two separate ones, although in certain cases it is written without the hypen.

How many times has Jean Jarre been married?

Jarre is fluent in French and English and has been married four times. He was married to Flore Guillard from 20 January 1975 until 1977; their daughter Émilie Charlotte was born in 1975 or 1976 and became a fashion model. He met his second wife Charlotte Rampling at a dinner party in St Tropez in 1976.

Who is Maurice Jarre’s wife Gong Li?

He had a brief relationship with Isabelle Adjani, and married French actress Anne Parillaud in May 2005. In November 2010 the couple announced their divorce. In 2019, Jarre married Chinese actress Gong Li. Jarre has a half-sister, Stéphanie Jarre, from Maurice Jarre ‘s other marriages. His stepbrother, Kevin Jarre, died in 2011.

Where can I find the Jean-Michel Jarre binaural?

I’m very proud of what the team has done here. The binaural – which is for headphone only – will be available on streaming services and is also available to download via a link in the CD & Vinyl. Pre-order your copy now: https://jean-michel-jarre.lnk.to/Amaz…

What did Jean Jarre do with Chen Lin?

Jarre collaborated with musician Chen Lin. Accompanying his traditional musical repertoire, 600 projectors shone coloured light and images across various screens and objects. In September 2004, Jarre released AERO, both a DVD and a CD in one package.