What is heavy cavalry in DomiNations?

What is heavy cavalry in DomiNations?

Heavy Cavalry is the fourth type of Troop players can use in the game DomiNations. They’re excellent for taking damage from defenses and they have a lot of health. They’re unlocked in the Iron Age.

How do you increase food capacity in dominations?

Using Food

  1. training Troops at the Barracks;
  2. purchasing Tactics at the War Academy;
  3. researching and upgrading troops, tactics, Generals (up to 10 lvl) and offensive coalitions at the Blacksmith;
  4. constructing and upgrading gold-related Economy Buildings:
  5. constructing and upgrading Temple, Vault and Mercenary Camp;

How do you use bastion in dominations?

Place your bastions in an area where attacking troops will be forced to destroy them to maximize this effect. The wall breacher (Engineer) does 25% less damage against a bastion than it does against a wall.

How do you increase food capacity in DomiNations?

How do I change my name on dominations?

Change Username Click on your name in the upper right corner and choose My Profile: 2. Change the name in Name Field and click Update Account button.

How do you get more gold storage in dominations?

Connect your roads to as many buildings as you can and your city center. Each building connected with a road network will generate an extra 10% gold. For example, 20 connected buildings will boost the gold you collect from a road network by 200%.

How do you get rubies in dominations?

Rubies are a special Alliance currency obtained by winning battles in World Wars. They can be traded with Marco Polo for Troop Tactics, Event Buildings, Blessings, Trade Goods, and more.

How do I get troop tactics in my stronghold?

To activate troop tactics, enter the Stronghold building and activate whichever ones you desire for your next battle. Remember to choose wisely, since a limited number can be activated at a time. This number is limited by your Stronghold’s level.