What is GMT in the Navy?

What is GMT in the Navy?

GMT and Local Training. Suicide Prevention General Military Training (GMT) fulfills annual training requirements when augmented with information on local resources and crisis response.

How do I access Navy GMT?

To access the GMT webpage go to My Navy Portal (MNP) at https://my.navy.mil. Once logged in to MNP, select the Professional Resources drop down menu, then select General Skills Training, and then select GMT from the navigation menu on the left to access the Navy GMT page.

What is the purpose of Sailor 360?

It’s the job of the senior members of the Navy to pass down their knowledge and expertise to junior Sailors through mentorship and training. To facilitate the development of Sailors, the amphibious assault ship USS Bataan (LHD 5) has begun to implement the Sailor 360 program onboard.

How often is SAPR training required?

3. SAPR Annual Training is a fiscal year requirement. 4. Only training curriculum created and approved by Headquarters Marine Corps (HQMC) SAPR will satisfy annual training requirements.

Is Uncle Sam’s opsec gone?

Starting FY 2022, Uncle Sam’s OPSEC will no longer transmit a completion code for OPSEC to MCTFS and MCTIMS.

What Is The Sailor 2025 program?

Sailor 2025 is the Navy’s program to improve and modernize personnel management and training systems to more effectively recruit, develop, manage, reward, and retain the force of tomorrow.

What is the 21st century sailor?

21st Century Sailor. The 21st Century Sailor office provides our Sailors and families with the support network, programs, resources, training, and skills needed to overcome adversity and thrive.

How do you become a Sapr in VA?

In order to apply to become a SAPR VA the following is required:

  1. 21 years of age and 2 years’ time in service (waiverable after SARC speaks with applicant and applicant’s CoC)
  2. A driver’s license.
  3. Approval from CoC.
  4. An interview with Command SAPR Point of Contact (SAPR POC)
  5. A local background check.

What does a Sapr Va do?

A SARC or SAPR VA addresses safety needs, explains the reporting options, services available, and assists with navigating the military criminal justice process. SARCs and SAPR VAs offer expertise to prepare victims for the road ahead and will advocate on behalf of a victim along the way.

What is the adversary exploiting?

An adversary’s capability is defined by his ability to acquire and exploit information. If an adversary can’t exploit the information, there is no threat. Analyzing your vulnerabilities means identifying weaknesses in your operations.

Where do I find Uncle Sam’s OPSEC?


What are the 3 pillars of Sailor 2025?

Sailor 2025 is built on a framework of three pillars:

  • A modernized personnel system.
  • An enriched culture.
  • A career continuum of learning.

What is Navy Sailor 360?

Naval Air Station Sigonella Sailor 360 is an umbrella term for innovative, creative, command-developed leadership programs modeled after previous programs such as CPO 365 Phase 1 and scenario-based studies like Chief’s Mess Training.

What is Navy sailor 360?

What is brilliant on the basics Navy?

Brilliant on the Basics II is a charge to reinvigorate our efforts to foster an environment where Sailors and their families want to stay Navy. 2. Let me set the stage, our Fleet is slightly undermanned and is recovering from years of downsizing in a fiscally challenged environment.

How do you get into training for Fltmps?

Click ‘Personnel’ tab. Click ‘Training Officers’. Click ‘Trng Comp & Alpha Roster’. Select either ‘Active Duty’ or ‘Reserve’.