What is an Italian Strega?

What is an Italian Strega?

Strega is the Italian word for “witch” and the liqueur is sometimes referred to as the “witches liqueur.” The name is appropriate because the town of Benevento has long been considered “City of Witches.” Folklore says that it was a gathering place for the witches of the world.

What is the name of the Italian witch?

La Befana
In Italian folklore, La Befana is a witch who brings good children treats on the morning of the Epiphany, January 6. But if you were bad, look out – you may wake up to a lump of coal.

Were there witches in Sicily?

Between 1579 and 1651 there were a number of recorded witch trials in Sicily. The trial summaries, sent to the Spanish Inquisition’s Suprema in Madrid by the Sicilian tribunal, reflected a total of 65 people, eight of them male, many of whom were believed to be associates of fairies, who were put on trial for sorcery.

What is a male witch in Italian?

A male witch, or sorcerer, is known as a stregone.

Who is the Christmas witch?

La Befana: The Witch of Christmas. The legend of Befana began thousands of years ago and remains to this day a tradition practised by Italian children and their families. As the story goes, one day, the three Magi left their country bearing special gifts of gold, incense and myrrh for the new-born Jesus Christ.

Did witch hunts happen in Italy?

Northern Italy experienced its first wave of witch trials earlier than most of Europe, and it fact experienced its peak during the Italian Renaissance. After a high-profile case in Milan in 1384, there were a number of witch trials in Italy during the 15th-century.

How do you spell witch in German?

witch → Hexe, Hundszunge, Rotzunge, Hex.

What is Perchta?

Perchta or Berchta (English: Bertha), also commonly known as Percht and other variations, was once known as a goddess in Alpine paganism in the Upper German and Austrian regions of the Alps.

Are there any Italian fairy tales?

Among the most famous collections of traditional Italian fairy tales the work of Italo Calvino, and in more recent times – the didactic fairy tales for children by Gianni Rodari ““ FAIRY TALES on the phone by Gianni Rodari . “ FAIRY TALES on the phone by Gianni Rodari .

What are the gods and goddesses of the Stregheria?

Gods and Goddesses of the Stregheria Actaeon – Stag-horned God of the Forest Anteros – God of Passion and Sexual Unions. Anteros represented mutual love and was sometimes is regarded as the avenger of slighted love. Comus – God of revelry, feasting, drinking, and the “pleaseures of the night”.

What is the Stregheria religion?

As with many other neopagan religions, Stregheria honors male as well as female deities, typically personified as the moon goddess and the horned god. Author Raven Grimassi, in his book ” Ways of the Strega ,” says Stregheria is a blend of ancient Etruscan religion blended with Italian folk magic and early rural Catholicism.

What does Stregheria mean?

Stregheria. The word stregheria is an archaic Italian word for “witchcraft”, the most used and modern Italian word being stregoneria. ” Stregoneria Italiana” is a form of stregoneria that is Catholic-rooted folk magic having little if any relationship to authentic forms of Italian Witchcraft.

What is Stregheria witchcraft?

She is the author of Daily Spellbook for the Good Witch, Wicca Practical Magic and The Daily Spell Journal. Stregheria is a branch of modern paganism that celebrates early Italian witchcraft. Its adherents say that their tradition has pre-Christian roots, and refer to it as La Vecchia Religione, the Old Religion.