What is 868 MHz used for?

What is 868 MHz used for?

The RF 868MHz is a public bandwidth European Low Power Networks (LPWAN) as Sigfox and LoRaWan are using for communicating. This bandwidth is regulated by different norms like ERC-REC-70-3E in Europe and have national norms in relation.

What is the meaning of 800mhz?

800 MHz Band means radio frequency spectrum in the range 791 – 821 MHz paired with radio frequency spectrum in the range 832 – 862 MHz. Sample 1Sample 2. 800 MHz Band means the 791 to 821 MHz band paired with the 832 to 862 MHz band; Sample 1.

How far can 868 MHz travel?

800 m
The advantages of the 868 MHz radio transmission. The ISM band frequencies enable to have a compact radio bridge with a high range: In free space and with a ¼ wavelength antenna (i.e. only 8,6cm), the range is up to 800 m. Radiofrequencies can go through out concrete walls.

What operates in the 900 MHz band?

The 900 MHz band (896-901/935-940 MHz) encompasses 10 MHz of spectrum that is used by many utilities, refiners, railroads and other critical infrastructure operators in the United States, primarily for two-way voice communications.

Why is 800 MHz frequency selected for mobiles?

The CDMA technology operating in the 800 MHz band came as a rescue for connecting the last mile. It prevented the operators from digging trenches and saved considerable cost and time.

What is the 863–870 MHz band?

3 THE 863–870 MHZ FREQUENCY BAND The 863–870 MHz band has been identified by CEPT as a European harmonised band for licence-exempt operation of a wide range of specific and non-specific short range devices (SRDs).

What is 863 4 low band used for?

4 LOW-BAND The 863–865 MHz portion of the 863–870 MHz band is used predominantly by wireless microphones and wireless audio applications. While accounting for a significantly smaller portion of the users in this band, assistive listening devices are another interesting application.

What is the 868 MHz band used for?

The high band (868–870 MHz) is primarily used by wireless alarm systems, including fire, intruder and social alarmswhich are each subject to different operational and technical requirements. The band is subdivided further into a number of sub-bands, based primarily on technical characteristics such as power and duty cycle.

Is 433 MHz or 869 MHz better?

Conversely, another supplier said they now preferred the 869 MHz band, as 433 MHz and 458 MHz were very cluttered. This supplier uses the low power (5 mW) sub band 869.70625–869.99375 MHz and claims this provides up to 100 metres range. The 869 MHz devices are digital whereas the previous 433 MHz and 458 MHz were analogue.