What happened to Jonghyun?

What happened to Jonghyun?

The 27-year-old singer was found unconscious at a private hotel in Seoul on December 18, 2017. The singer committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. SHINee’s Jonghyun penned a farewell note, which was made public the other day.

How did Jonghyun get into SM?

In 2005, Jonghyun was scouted by SM Entertainment when he was 15 years old, after playing in a song festival with his band at school. Jonghyun debuted as part of the five-member boy group Shinee on May 25, 2008, on SBS’ Inkigayo.

What song did Jonghyun wrote for exo?

Ring Ding DongStand By MeGood EveningNoona, You’re So PrettyDon’t Call MeView

What song did IU wrote for jonghyun?


Song Artist(s) Year
“A Gloomy Clock” (우울시계; Uulsigye) IU (featuring Jonghyun) 2013
“Aewol” (애월; 愛月) Jonghyun (with Jung Joon-young) 2015
“Alarm Clock” (알람시계; Allamsigye) Shinee 2012
“Already” (벌써; Beolsseo) Taemin 2016

Is IU and Jonghyun friendship?

The two singers are known to have been close, with IU once describing Jonghyun as one of her best friends.

Are IU and Jonghyun friends?

They are very cute as friends but Jonghyun is still dating Shin Se Kyeong from When a Man Falls in Love… but must say IU and Jonghyun or I should say the entire Shinee group’s camaraderie is way TOO CUTE for words!!

Who wrote Lee Hi’s breathe?

JonghyunBreathe / Composer

Who did IU lost?

If that’s not enough, IU was also very tight with the late Jonghyun of Shinee, who passed away in 2017. This is definitely a really tough time for IU, and her fans are worried about her as she lost 3 best friends in the short span of 2 years.

Did Lee Hi thank late Jonghyun for the song “Breathe”?

While looking through some comments from fans, Lee Hi read one that expressed how comforting the song “Breathe” is for them. And in response, she thanked late Jonghyun for the song and how it comforted her as well. The truth is, Jonghyun wrote me that song, and when I saw so many comments talking about how it comforted them, that comforted me.

Will Lee Hi work with SHINee’s Jonghyun on her new solo album?

In a recent interview with local news outlet My Daily, Lee Hi discusses her thoughts and feelings on working — albeit indirectly — with SHINee ‘s Jonghyun on her new solo album. Even before her comeback, Lee Hi’s title track “Breathe” received wide attention for being written and composed by SHINee’s Jonghyun.

Did Jonghyun gift Lee Hi with a gift?

Not only did late Jonghyun gift Lee Hi with the emotional song, but it’s well-known among fans that they were close friends as well. Your browser does not support video.

Did Lee Hi know who wrote “Breathe” by Shinee’s Jonghyun?

Even before her comeback, Lee Hi’s title track “Breathe” received wide attention for being written and composed by SHINee’s Jonghyun. Regarding this, Lee Hi reveals that she had no idea who had created the track when she first heard it. “At first, I didn’t know it was Jonghyun’s track, and only found out about this while working with Tablo .