What happened to Alex Porter?

What happened to Alex Porter?

Porter’s handlebars snapped during a qualifying heat of men’s pursuit team, leaving him with facial injuries after he crashed head-first into the track. The report says the faulty part of the handlebars was not adequately tested nor checked during use and that individuals “made it up as they went along”.

What happened in the cycling between GB and Denmark?

Britain were among several nations to protest against Denmark’s use of shin tape and undergarments during qualifying on Monday. The petition was unsuccessful and tensions then boiled over when a Danish rider, Frederik Madsen, crashed into the wheel of Britain’s Charlie Tanfield in a crunch team pursuit heat.

What happened to the Danish cyclist?

Danish former professional cyclist Chris Anker Sorensen has died after being hit by a vehicle while riding in Belgium. He was 37. Sorensen won a stage at the 2010 Giro d’Italia and earned the combativity award at the Tour de France two years later. Available on Eurosport app.

What happened in cycling Olympics?

Track cycling at the Tokyo Olympic Games concluded August 8 with Jennifer Valente of the United States earning the gold medal in the women’s Omnium, filled with crashes in the opening race. Japan’s Yumi Kajihara took the silver medal and Kirsten Wild (Netherlands) claimed the bronze.

What happened to Alex porters bike?

Aussie cyclist wins Giro d’Italia Porter and his teammates were just a kilometre into the 4000m ride on Monday when the handlebars inexplicably snapped off his bike. The malfunction saw him smack into the floorboards, leaving the 25-year-old with friction burns to his nose, chin and arms.

Did the Danish cyclist Apologise?

Rodenberg shouted at Tanfield immediately after the incident but later apologised for hitting the 24-year-old, saying: “I was so tired at that point I didn’t know if he was 10 or 20 metres away from me.”

Did Denmark cheat in cycling?

The extraordinary clash, which saw Team GB dumped out of the competition while the Danes advanced to the gold medal final, came just hours after Denmark was accused of cheating by wearing tape to make their riders go faster.

How much is an Olympic velodrome bike?

$25,000 Olympic Track Bike Is Both Radical and Left-Leaning | WIRED.

Are the Danes disqualified?

Cycling’s governing body the UCI agreed the Danes were in the wrong, and banned their use of both the tape and undervests against Team GB. Crucially, however, they weren’t disqualified from the event, despite Team GB’s protests.

Did Denmark get disqualified?

After meetings today, cycling’s rule makers, the UCI, banned Denmark from wearing the tape and vests when they faced Team GB for a place in the gold medal race, which ended in controversial fashion after a crash with GB eliminated.

What happened in the men’s pursuit?

A dramatic final-lap crash in the men’s Team Pursuit at the Tokyo Olympics saw Denmark’s Frederik Rodenberg Madsen ride into Great Britain’s Charlie Tanfield, sparking chaos, anger and confusion about who will go into the final and ride for the gold medal.