What does no os acromiale mean?

What does no os acromiale mean?

Os acromiale is a failure of fusion of the acromial process. It is usually asymptomatic and discovered by chance. When it is painful a differential diagnosis must be made in relation to the subacromial impingement syndrome.

What is os in the shoulder?

Os acromiale is a developmental aberration in which the distal acromion fails to fuse. This aberration is often discovered incidentally but may present with a clinical picture similar to that of subacromial impingement syndrome.

What causes os acromiale?

Causes of os acromiale The acromion develops from four ossification centers or growth plates. The growth plates generally fuse by age 18 but can fuse as late as age 25. When there is failure of the growth plates to fuse an os acromiale develops.

How common is os acromiale?

The prevalence of os acromiale is 1% to 15%, and is quite common in the African American population. Os acromiale in adults is easily diagnosed by symptoms and X-ray, particularly on the axillary view; however, the differential diagnosis of adolescents may require MRI or SPECT-CT.

Where is the os acromiale?

The acromion is the most prominent bone on the top of your shoulder. You can feel it easily. The acromion developes as four separate parts during childhood.

Can os acromiale be caused by trauma?

Acromial fracture generally results from severe trau- ma, particularly trauma caused by forces directed downward on the superior aspect of the acromion or humeral head forces directed superiorly on the inferior aspect of the acromion.

Is os acromiale hereditary?

The second theory for the development of os acromiale is genetic. Sammarco12 reported 8% of os acromiale in a cadaveric study, with 33% involving bilateral cases. This rate of bilaterality increased to 62% in a study by Lieberson.

What age does os acromiale fuse?

Discussion. One to three ossification centers of the acromion appear by age 15-18 years, and they normally are fused no later than 25 years of age. Failure of any of these ossification centers to fuse results in an os acromiale.

Is shoulder impingement surgery necessary?

While most cases of shoulder impingement can be treated without surgery, sometimes it is recommended. A doctor may suggest surgery if nonsurgical treatment options do not adequately relieve shoulder pain and improve range of motion. Surgery can create more room for the soft tissues that are being squeezed.