What does E Prime do?

What does E Prime do?

E-Prime is the leading software suite by Psychology Software Tools for designing and running psychology lab experiments.

What language does e prime use?

E-Basic is the underlying scripting language of E-Prime 3.0, and the power of the E-Prime 3.0 system.

What is E Prime Go?

Remote Data Collection with E-Prime 3.0 Using E-Prime Go, you can pack up your experiment, send the link to your participants to complete, and your participants send the data back to you. Share and store your experiments and data files on the file sharing site of your preference.

What is E-Prime Go?

What is Eprime in writing?

E-Prime (short for English-Prime or English Prime, sometimes denoted É or E′) is a version of the English language that excludes all forms of the verb to be, including all conjugations, contractions and archaic forms.

Who created e-prime?

D. David Bourland Jr.
History. D. David Bourland Jr., who had studied under Alfred Korzybski, devised E-Prime as an addition to Korzybski’s general semantics in the late 1940s. Bourland published the concept in a 1965 essay entitled “A Linguistic Note: Writing in E-Prime” (originally published in General Semantics Bulletin).

Does e-prime work on Mac?

While E-Prime is only supported on Windows OS, users have had success using a Mac with Boot Camp running Windows OS. The timing data for this configuration is located on our support site.

Does e prime work on Mac?

What can you do with E-Prime?

E-Prime enables the experimenter to display text, images, and videos, while recording the participant’s responses, accuracy, and reaction time. The program’s graphical user interface allows the user to quickly create a simple experiment by clicking and dragging objects onto the screen.

How do I get Started with E-Prime go?

To access E-Prime Go, simply register your E-Prime 3.0 serial number on our support site to download the E-Prime Go application. Drag and drop design. Build experiments with text, images, sound, and videos by dragging and dropping objects onto your timeline. Take advantage of free templates and pre-built experiments in our Experiment Library.

How do I select a template in E-Prime?

When you open E-Prime on your computer, you will be prompted to select a template. The Standard templates will generate a basic experiment template with fixations, stimuli, and feedback slides.

How accurate is the accuracy of the timing on E-Prime?

E-Prime 3.0 reports timing accuracy to the millisecond precision level. Be sure to use our testing tools to confirm your computer hardware is capable of critical timing.