What did Garak do to get exiled?

What did Garak do to get exiled?

Garak was exiled after being forced even to betray his father/mentor, and they parted bitterly. In fact, Tain refused to give his son any forgiveness when he died alongside Garak in a Dominion prison camp in 2373.

Was Garak part of the Obsidian Order?

To gain his father’s approval, Garak followed in his footsteps and joined the Obsidian Order; at one point he was stationed on Romulus working as a gardener in the Cardassian embassy as his cover (and was likely involved in the deaths of several Romulan officials), until the Cardassians stationed him on occupied Bajor.

Is garek a good guy?

Garak is the ultimate patriot and would never put anything over Cardassia. Even in his exile, he remained loyal to his home, removin’ threats and fightin’ its enemies, as he viewed them.

What happened to Garak after the war?

After the Dominion War, he became a political figure, then served as Cardassian Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets, and eventually Castellan of the Cardassian Union.

Who does Ezri end up with?

The two are subsequently interrogated in “‘Til Death Do Us Part”, and she reveals to Worf that she is actually in love with Julian Bashir (Alexander Siddig). They are subsequently handed over to the Dominion as the Breen/Dominion alliance is announced.

Who is Garak’s mother?

Apocrypha. The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel A Stitch in Time reveals that Mila was indeed Garak’s mother, however, he was raised believing his father was a man named Tolan rather than Tain. Shortly before his own death, Tolan told Garak the truth about his parentage.

Is Gul Dukat a good guy?

He can do the right thing. All of that somehow makes his ‘evil’ actions all the more despicable, because we know that there was the potential in there for him to be a better person.” Ultimately, despite the character’s versatility, “Dukat is a bad guy.

Why do Garak and Dukat hate each other?

Turns out, Garak killed Dukat’s dad (whoops). Garak was an interrogator for the Obsidian Order. Papa Dukat was a devoted and beloved father, who, like his son, was more corrupt than Venezuela’s government (it is good to have things in common with your kids).