What can go in the recycling bin Blacktown Council?

What can go in the recycling bin Blacktown Council?

You can dispose of the following waste items for free at the community recycling centre:

  • mobile phones.
  • paint.
  • polystyrene (Penrith only)
  • smoke detectors.
  • fluorescent globes and tubes.
  • gas bottles and fire extinguishers.
  • household and car batteries.
  • motor and other oils.

Does Blacktown Council pickup mattresses?

Mattress collection We will collect mattresses within 24-48 hours after your clean up service. Mattresses are to be placed next to goods and not on top or under items. Please do not remove mattress from the footpath after your clean up service has been provided.

How do I get bins from Blacktown Council?

To request a garbage service with us, please either email us on waste.section@blacktown.nsw.gov.au or call us on 9839 6000.

How do I dispose of garden waste Blacktown?

Garden waste can go in the waste bins The material placed in your weekly waste bin is processed at a waste recovery facility at Eastern Creek known as the UR-3R. The UR-3R separates food scraps and garden waste from general rubbish, and processes this into compost.

Why does Blacktown Council not have green bins?

We don’t have separate green bins in this local government area because residents are able to place their organic material in the household waste collection bin (the bin with the red or dark green lid) and this waste is processed at an advanced waste recovery facility at Eastern Creek known as the UR-3R.

Is Jenkins lane open during lockdown?

The Jenkins Lane Reuse and Recycling Centre is open.

Why doesnt Blacktown Council have a green bin?

Why doesn’t Blacktown have a bin for garden waste? As our garbage goes to the UR-3R, the organic waste is composted – and generates green electricity in the process! There is no need for a separate collection.

What can you put in a compost bin Australia?

There are two broad categories that you can put in your compost bin or pile – green and brown. Green materials include fruit and vegetable scraps, used tea, coffee grounds, crushed eggshells, grass clippings, green plant cuttings, old flowers and many weeds.

Can you put laminate flooring in recycle bin?

Thanks to new technologies within manufacturing processes, up to 85% of laminate flooring can now be recycled. Although you can’t just dump your old laminate flooring into your wheelie bin, you can check with manufacturers for the best course of action that you can take.

What can I take to Jenkins Lane?

You must take your driver’s licence or a Council Tax statement as proof you live in the borough when you visit the Jenkins Lane Centre. The system at the Jenkins Lane centre partly based on car registration.

Can Redbridge residents use Jenkins Lane?

If you do not bring valid proof of identification, charges may apply. All residents living in the boroughs of Barking & Dagenham, Havering, Newham and Redbridge are entitled to use any of the four Reuse and Recycling Centres in the East London Waste Authority to dispose of household waste.

How do I dispose of waste in Blacktown?

Please supervise children at all times when trucks are nearby. Blacktown residents now have access to two local Community Recycling Centres, that provide a convenient way to dispose of problem waste in an environmentally friendly way. only household quantities of the above materials will be accepted.

Why shop with Blacktown City?

Best of all, households get to save money the next time they shop with our local participating businesses. If you are a strata manager or real estate agent who manages property in Blacktown City we provide a wide range of resources that can help you manage the waste and recycling in your building.

Is it safe to recycle at Eastern Creek?

Safety first: Due to the size and shape of the garbage and recycling trucks, drivers have blind spots (areas hidden from view). Please supervise children at all times when trucks are nearby. Your waste is delivered to a waste processing facility called the UR-3R at Eastern Creek.