What are the different saree draping styles?

What are the different saree draping styles?

As well ethnicities and traditions explain different draping styles such as a Maharastrian drape, Gujarati drape. All these cultural drapes are popular kinds of sarees such as silk sarees or designer sarees. Let’s look at 12 different saree draping styles which you can look for weddings and also other parties. 1. Pleated Saree Drape

What is the draping style of nauvari saree?

The draping style is different and the length of the Saree is even more. One of the drapes is tucked behind by getting the pleats from below. Shahi Bramhani and Shahi Mastani are two types of Nauvari Saree. Try to remember the Deepika- Priyanka duo in the song “Pinga” or Kriti Sanon from the movie Panipat.

What is dhoti style saree draping?

Dhoti style saree draping is extremely for a pant style saree and it is huge mix of custom and contemporary. Dhoti sarees are actually prominent by beautiful stars such as Samantha, Shilpa Shetty and Sonam Kapoor that have used and reeleds this saree drape.

What are the factors that affect the draping of a saree?

The texture of the fabric and its clinginess also affects the draping. For example, the Crepe silk sarees will have a bit of rough texture but gives an excellent drape. 1. The drape with perfect pleats.

Dhoti style saree draping is very similar to a pant style saree and is a heavy mix of tradition and modern. Dhoti sarees have been popularized by gorgeous actresses like Samantha, Shilpa Shetty and Sonam Kapoor who have worn and rocked this saree drape. 6. Belted Saree

How to style a linen saree?

Let your own style evolve and try different ways. Even a pure linen saree with a belt or a cotton saree with a belt will add a stylish look than compared to wearing it without a belt. Drape your saree over Palazzo pants and not petticoat. This is a very edgy look and works well for women who fancy classy styles.