Under which municipality is Mthatha?

Under which municipality is Mthatha?

King Sabata Dalindyebo Local Municipality
King Sabata Dalindyebo Local Municipality is a municipality situated in the inland of Eastern Cape Province in South Africa. The municipality is made up of Mthatha and Mqanduli….King Sabata Dalindyebo Local Municipality.

King Sabata Dalindyebo
Province Eastern Cape
District OR Tambo
Seat Mthatha
Wards 35

Is Mthatha in the Transkei?

Umtata, founded in 1879, was declared the capital of the Transkei, the homeland of the Xhosa during the Apartheid era. The former Transkei is now part of the Eastern Cape province. Umtata is the colourful and lively centre of the region.

Which district is Umtata?


Mthatha Uta Umtata
Country South Africa
Province Eastern Cape
District O.R.Tambo
Municipality King Sabata Dalindyebo

Is Mthatha an urban or rural area?

Mthatha and Mqanduli and their surrounding rural areas. The municipality is largely rural in character with the urban areas concentrated around the towns. It is 3 027 km2 in extent and had a population of 444 832 persons in 2007, which rose to 451 710 in 2011.

Which ward is Mthatha?

Mthatha is located in the northeast of the region King Sabata Dalindyebo Ward 7.

Which ward is southernwood Mthatha?

Southernwood is located in the north of the region King Sabata Dalindyebo Ward 4.

Which towns were under Transkei?

Originally the Transkei included the territories of Idutywa Reserve, Fingoland (Mfenguland) and Galekaland (Gcalekaland). Following their annexation they were restructured into the divisions of Butterworth, Tsomo and Nqamakwe for Fingoland; Kentani and Willowvale for Galekaland; and Idutywa for the Idutywa Reserve.

Where is Transkei located?

Republic of South Africa
Transkei, former republic (though never internationally recognized as such) and Bantustan in Southern Africa. It lay along the Indian Ocean and was surrounded mainly by the Republic of South Africa, though to the north it also touched Lesotho.

What is the suburb of Mthatha?


Suburb Area Street
Elitha Mthatha 5100
Esimfakaneni Mthatha 5100
Fort Gale Mthatha 5100
Greenville Mthatha 5100

What is the meaning of Umtata?

Umtata. / (ʌmˈtɑːtə) / noun. a city in South Africa, in Eastern Cape province; the capital of the former Transkei Bantu homeland.

Who is the mayor of Mthatha?

CLLR NELANI RE-ELECTED AS KSD EXECUTIVE MAYOR King Sabata Dalindyebo Municipality has sworn in its new council members that will lead the municipality for the next five years.

Which ward is Norwood Mthatha?

King Sabata Dalindyebo Ward 7
King Sabata Dalindyebo Ward 7 (21507007)

Which province is Transkei?

Eastern Cape province
The Transkei government was a participant in the CODESA negotiations for a new South Africa. The territory was reincorporated into South Africa on 27 April 1994, and the area became part of the Eastern Cape province.

Which city is closest to Umtata?

Cities near Mthatha, South Africa:

  • Stutterheim, South Africa.
  • Quthing, Lesotho.
  • Ilinge, South Africa.
  • Margate, South Africa.
  • Queenstown, South Africa.
  • East London, South Africa.
  • Port Shepstone, South Africa.
  • Bisho, South Africa.

Which province is Mthatha in?

Mthatha, formerly Umtata, town, Eastern Cape province, South Africa.

What towns are under Chris Hani district municipality?

Inxuba Yethemba.

  • Enoch Mgijima.
  • Intsika Yethu.
  • Emalahleni.
  • Engcobo.
  • Sakhisizwe.
  • Who is the mayor of Umtata?

    Executive Mayor: Thokozile Sokhanyile, Ms Postal Address: Private Bag X6043, MTHATHA, 5099.